Taking A Look At The Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017!

Since we are at the last day of 2017, I thought now would be a good time to look at the top ten most viewed posts, for this blog, in 2017. I do have one rule, which is I am discounting the Archives and my About me page, as they aren’t technically blog posts. Anyway, without further ado, let’s see what you guys have been reading in 2017!

10. Thero’s Recommended Gaming: The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim, 20 views.

Not only does this post have possibly the longest title I’ve ever written, but it also makes this top ten list! This was the first ever Recommended Gaming posts, posted way back in August this year. With a game that has been around as long as Skyrim has, I am surprised that so many people actually clicked on this post.

9. Anime Challenge 2017: 2. Favourite Anime Watched So Far, 22 views.

Up next we have the second post of my second attempt at the 30 day anime blogging challenge. I’m not sure what stood out about this post, unless there were a few people who wanted to know if any anime could replace Fairy Tail in heart. Spoiler Warning: No.

8. Thero’s Top Five Dog Companions in Video Games, 23 views.

A post about man’s best friend (sorry cat lovers!) in hindsight, was bound to be a hit with some people. This was actually one of my favourite posts to write this year, so I’m glad other people enjoyed it to!

7. Thero’s Top Five Anti-Heroes From Fantasy Novels, 23 views.

The second top five list and the last one on this list, is all about anti-heroes. This was actually a difficult list to write, mainly because some characters who you would think were anti-heroes, aren’t anti-heroes. This post actually gave me a book recommendation from cupcakesandmachetes for the Broken Empire trilogy, so the hard time I had with this list was worth it.

6. The Unique Blogger Award! 24 views.

This was a post about an award I was nominated for by Luna at GamersUnitedGG Blog. It’s still crazy to me that people think what I write is worthy of their time, let alone thinking its worthy of an award. So, thank you again to Luna!

5. Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration. 20th December, 26 views.

Time for a fairly recent post! This was first post for Kim’s Creative Christmas collaboration event; this was also the first collaboration I have ever done. I have to admit, this collaboration was one of my favourite things to write about this year.

4. MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: Starlight Celebration, 27 views.

Let’s face it, people only wanted to see Santa Bear and I don’t blame them! Another post I enjoyed writing, this time because I enjoyed the seasonal event it was about. The Starlight Celebration was an enjoyable questline to complete and the rewards were fantastic. I hope to write about more MMO events in 2018!

3. I’ve Been Nominated For An Award…Or Three, 43 views.

Another post about being nominated for blogging awards, this time from : YAHARI BENTO!!The Pantless Anime Blogger and Luna at GamersUnitedGG Blog. So thank you to all three!

2. November Humble Monthly…Unboxing?! 43 views.

People seem to like reading about the random collection of games I received from Humble Bundle each month, but I have to be honest, I don’t know why November’s bundle was so intriguing to people. Maybe it was the huge amount of Elder Scrolls content…

1. Anime Challenge- 28. Favourite Anime Quote, 70 views.

I don’t get it. Seriously, I don’t understand why this post was the most viewed in 2017. For starters, this was from the 2016 Anime Challenge and secondly, people were viewing this throughout the year, so it wasn’t just around September when I was attempting the challenge again.  So if anyone can shed some light as to why this post was so popular, I would appreciate it!


And that was the top ten most viewed posts for 2017! I want to just say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog  this year. For me, this blog is somewhere I can write about the things I love and to discover that people are interested in what I have to say is mindblowing. So, thank you and I hope you enjoy the posts I write in 2018!


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