Let’s Take A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Like a lot of people, I watched a lot of Disney films during my childhood. And if I’m being

WD logo
I can tell this is going to be magical…

absolutely honest, I still do. A discussion with a work colleague about our favourite Disney films growing up, has led me to think about my collection of Disney DVDs and the fact that I haven’t watched many of them in a very long time. So I’ve decided to set myself a mini challenge which turned into a little project for this blog. I am going to watch all the films Walt Disney Animation Studios have released (more commonly known as the classics). That’s right, all 54 (that number will probably increase before the end of this project…) films watched in order and I will then discuss/review the film on this blog. I shall call this: The Disney Classics Challenge (please let me know if you can come up with a better name in the comments!).

Since I will do this weekly, this means I will be spoiling you, dear readers, with two posts a week from now on. I shall post the Disney Classics Challenge (which will now be referred to as DCC, because I am lazy) on Wednesdays. I will point out, since I will be discussing these films at length, there will be spoilers.So I hope to see you here on Wednesday, where I shall be discussing the one that started it all: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!



I found the Disney logo at closinglogos.com.