Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration, 20th December

Kim at Later Levels has created this amazing gaming collaboration to get everyone in the festive spirit. Today’s post is answering this question:

You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?

Let’s kick off this collaboration with a traumatic memory. One year, my parents bought me a Playstation One, yes we are going back a few years here, and with it I got Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


The game was more based on the novel than the film, if I recall correctly. The game was an adventure game with you solving puzzles using magic, collecting Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans at Hogwarts. I remember playing this game much of Christmas Day but it was on Boxing Day that the traumatic event occurred.


I had just finished a tricky section of the game, which was a tricky platforming race against Peeves the poltergeist. I remember it wasn’t easy and I had spent a long time on this one section of the game. Then finally, I actually successfully completed the race and was rewarded with Peeves saying the following:

Potter cheats! Not fair! Peeves wasn’t ready…wasn’t ready…wasn’t ready…

Somehow, the disc had gotten stuck on Peeves’ dialogue. Now this was back in day when to save your game on a Memory Card, you had to go to a save point, there wasn’t any autosave feature. So you can imagine little Thero’s face on Boxing day, realising she needed to reset the game but the last save point had been before this tricky section. And to this day, that memory has haunted me, like the ghost of Christmas Past.


Come back tomorrow for the next Christmas collaboration post!



The image of the Playstation ! box came from the  wikipedia page for the game, while the screenshot came from this Youtube playthrough.

14 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration, 20th December

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    1. I completely agree with you! I think my worst save issue was when I accidentally saved over a 70+ hours Final Fantasy X save with a new game, that I was just messing around with. What has been your worst one?

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      1. Yikes…you saved over a 70 hour save in an RPG?!? That’s awful…did you go back and finish FFX in the end?

        My worst save issue was with Castlevania. I was playing the NES version on my 3DS in work and one day I got to the Grim Reaper. I nearly beat him and was confident that I had learned his weaknesses. I then closed the 3DS to go back to work and didn’t save my progress…which meant I had to restart Castlevania from the beginning.

        I did beat it though…I knew I had to finish it and if I didn’t go back, I never would. In a weird way, it was a forerunner to Retro Redress…I actually finished a game I’d messed up on!

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      2. I didn’t play FFX again for a long time, but since then I have played the game and I am almost finished. Its just taken me nearly 15 years to get there.

        What happened to you was just as bad! At least you managed to finish it. At least something positive came from it!

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