Thero’s Top Five Video Game Themed Easter Eggs.

Its been awhile since I last did a top five list post and I thought why not do a seasonally appropriate list for today? Since its Easter Sunday, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Easter eggs that I’ve come across in some video games. So, grab your chocolate eggs, sit back and let’s dive in!

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Update: Changes are Coming…

Don’t worry, I’m not disappearing or going on hiatus! Things going on in my personal life means that I’ve had to have a look at how I dedicate my time with my blog. There are a couple of changes that I’m going to do, which for the time being are temporary.

First change: I’m currently suspending the schedule, that if I’m being honest, I haven’t been keeping up with. I would rather take my time and give you guys some decent posts that I want on my blog than something I’ve rushed because I’ve had to get it posted. This actually leads into my second change…

Second change: I’m putting the weekly update posts on hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing these posts but they take time to write and much of the content doesn’t change on weekly basis, as it takes me longer than a week to progress in a video game. Instead, I am going to change, starting in April, to monthly updates on my gaming and incorporating the reading updates in my Judging Books By Their Covers posts.

Aside from these changes, everything else will remain pretty much the same. I am feeling that yearly urge to update A Reluctant Hero’s layout but that will probably wait until my week off in April. I hope you guys are OK with these changes, like I said, I still love and want to write things for this blog but I do need to look at how I spend my free time to do this blog justice.

To keep up to date with the blog and be notified as to when I post, you can either follow it on WordPress (I know the Reader can act a little weird…), sign up for an e-mail notification or follow me on Twitter (@Thero159). I hope you guys will continue to enjoy this blog and I’ll talk to you soon!