Update: Ghosts & Vampires.

We’re another week closer to Hallowe’en and I’m not slowing down on the spooky themed posts either! Continue reading “Update: Ghosts & Vampires.”


Update: A Month of Horror!

We are now into October, which means Hallowe’en is just around the corner! OK, I know its almost a month away and as someone who enjoys horror themed media, I can’t help but love this day. So, to get hyped for Hallowe’en, all this month my posts are going to be horror themed. Don’t worry, I’m not doing another 30 day challenge, I’m just putting a spooky, scary spin on my posts. Enjoy!

What have I been reading?

I’ve finished reading Death Masks by Jim Butcher, the fifth book in the Dresden Files series. It was nice seeing a familiar face return to the series and also see the introduction of Ivy, an incredibly cute child who is also simultaneously scary at the same time. While I am loving re-reading the series, I’m going to take a break, so I don’t get burned out. I am currently reading The Death of Dulgath, the third book in the Riyria Chronicles by Michael J. Sullivan. Anyone who’s read this blog knows I’m a bit of fan of the Riyria Chronicles and the previous series, the Riyria Revelations. If you like epic fantasy, I highly recommend these two series.


What have I been playing?

In Elder Scrolls Online, I have been dabbling in the Thieves Guild DLC. All the sneaking around guards is slowly destroying my nerves, but I’m loving it. I playing a lot more of Guild Wars 2 than I expected, my character is still in the second zone but is at level 21 and I;m about to start chapter 2 of my personal quest. In Final Fantasy XIV, I’m still trying to complete the Yokai Watch event, I’ve managed to acquire a couple more minions but I haven’t made much progress on the any of the legendary weapons. At this point, I’m trying to complete it because I am stubborn and will not let this event beat me.

I’ve also been diving back into Total War: Warhammer, in preparation for the sequel that I forgot to set to download. Yes I am an idiot. Still, I’m loving playing the Bretonnians and the Wood Elves, so not a  complete loss. At my brother’s suggestion, I’ve been playing Watch_Dogs, which is frustrating me to no end. I can see its potential but there are some really stupid game design choice, like not allowing you to opt out of the multiplayer portion of the game; which means players can invade your game to hack your profile, even when you’re trying to do things that require stealth and concentration. Still, I’m going to preserve with it for now.


What am I blogging about?

I’ll have a Recommended Gaming post up on Thursday. On Friday, the next Humble Monthly Bundle will be unlocked, so my unboxing post will be up on Saturday.

That’s it from me for this week. I hope your week goes OK and I hope to talk to you guys soon!

Update: The End of the Challenge.

Some of you may be relieved that this is the anime challenge’s final week. I’ll be honest, a small part of me is also relieved as at times it was difficult to get these posts done in time. Still, I have enjoyed doing the challenge and while it shows I’ve definitely watched a few more anime series, it also shows I still have a little way to go before I can say I’ve made a dent in my anime ‘to-watch’ list.

What have I been reading?

I have finished off Grave Peril and also Summer Knight, the fourth book in the Dresden Files. I enjoyed both of these as the author, Jim Butcher, is exploring more of Dresden’s world by showing the Vampire Courts, White Councils and Faerie Courts. The storylines are also getting darker, more complex and the stakes are getting higher. It probably won’t surprise you then, that I have started reading Death Masks, in which Dresden is currently being hired to find the Shroud of Turin which has been stolen. I think after this book, I may switch to another series or a standalone novel, just so I don’t get tired of the Dresden Files.

What have I been playing?

Well, I haven’t been playing much video game this week, since I was working for six days, but I did manage to get a few hours of game time! I haven’t made a lot of progress on the MMO games. In Elder Scrolls Online, I have now joined the thieves guild and am currently working through that questline. In Guild Wars 2, I am now in the second zone for the Slyvari, Kessex Hills.

I spent most of my time in Final Fantasy XIV, where I have discovered my love of chocobo racing. I’ve also come to the conclusion that who ever created the Yokai Watch special event is a sadist. For those who don’t play FFXIV,  in the Yokai Watch event, you collect Yokai medals by taking part in events called FATEs, which are sort of like group missions, once you have enough medals you can exchange them for a Yokai minion. Each time to exchange the medals the cost for the net minion goes up and there are 13 of these minions to collect. You also can only earn the special mount by collecting all 13. Now if that is not bad enough, each class can also earn a special weapon but only if you collect a certain number of legendary medals, which you do by having the relevant minion accompany you as you complete FATEs and hope that their legendary medal drops. Oh, and the number of legendary medals you need increase every time to earn a reward. After spending a week on this event, I have six minions and one weapon. Yep, those people over at FXIV are sadists.

What am I blogging about?

The last few anime challenge posts go up this week, they are:

  • Monday: Saddest Anime Death.
  • Tuesday: Best Anime Fight.
  • Wednesday: Most Badass Scene of an Anime Character.
  • Thursday: Favourite Anime Quote.
  • Friday: An Anime You Wished Was Real.
  • Saturday: Anime You Wished Never Ended.

Apart from the challenge, I’ll be putting up the Top Five list and the First Impressions post that didn’t make it onto the blog last week.

Well, that is the end of the update. I hope you guys have a great week and hopefully I’ll see you around on the blog!

Update: Games, Games & More Games!

The past week gave me a rare opportunity to play a few video games, and more than an hour or two at a time. It was actually quite nice to be able to sit down and become fully immersed in a game’s story and world. Aside from gaming, my sister came back home from Cardiff, so I wasn’t able to write any additional posts last week. Still, it was nice to catch up with her, since I haven’t seen her since June. It was also my mum’s birthday on Saturday and it was nice seeing the whole family together. Onto this week and unfortunately the fun and games are over, as I’m back to work (and working the weekend!), still I’ll probably be able to fit a game or two in a some point…


What have I been reading?

Not a lot to be honest. I managed to leave Grave Peril at work, so I wasn’t able to finish it. Instead, I’ve read the first two light novel in the Sword Art Online series, Aincrad 1 and Aincrad 2. I was a little concerned that they would be exactly the same plots as in the anime but I was pleasantly surprised, as both books added a lot more detail about the world of SAOAincrad 1 focuses on the main story of the characters trying to escape SAO, while Aincrad 2 is a collection of four short adventures that Kirito goes on in his time in SAO. I really enjoyed reading both of these and I’ll be picking up the next book in the series. I would recommend anyone who felt the pacing of the anime was a little rushed, to try these books as I felt they addressed some of the issues that the anime had.


What have I been playing?

A lot of things, is the short answer. But I’m guessing you guys did not come for the short answer. Firstly, a lot of this week I’ve spent playing MMOs, something I don’t normally have a lot of time for.

First up is Elder Scrolls Online. While my Nightblade hasn’t made much progress in levelling, I have now moved onto the next Dominion zone, Greenshade, which is still forest area like Grahtwood but has a less jungle vibe to it. I didn’t play a lot of ESO as did get distracted with other games early in the week.

After about a 2 and half year absence, I returned to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I’ll be honest I didn’t get very far last time, so this time I started a new character and dived into the world of Eorzea. My character started on off as a Conjurer, as that is a healing class and I prefer to play as support. Also Conjurers eventually get to become White Mages, a class role in the Final Fantasy series. At the moment, my character is at level 26 and at the moment I’m not focusing on any of the other classes. As you can see, I made a lot of progress in FFXIV, mainly because it really grabbed my attention for most of this week; but with two expansion and level cap of 70 for each job/class, I have a long way to go!

Compared to FFXIV, I haven’t played a lot of Guild Wars 2 but my ranger is now at level 15 and I have completed the first chapter of my characters personal story. I feel that Guild Wars 2 isn’t MMO that I will be playing as frequently as ESO or FFXIV but one that I will dabble in from time to time, so don’t expect much progress to be made in my next update!

Apart from those MMOs, I have played a few othe games as well. First up is Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which I am still loving. I’ve just acquired my second Esper, Mateus the Corrupt, and at the moment I’m focussing on levelling all of party to level 35. That is something that Final Fantasy has taught over the years, you can never do too much grinding. I’ve also started a new game on Pokemon Sun, a game that I haven’t gotten very far in previously. I only started yesterday, so I only have two Pokemon, my starter a Popplio and a Pikipek. I’ve also started playing Divinity: Original Sin, an RPG that reminds me a lot of Baldur’s Gate.


What am I blogging about?

The Anime Challenge continues with the following posts:

  • Monday- 18. Best Supporting Female Character.
  • Tuesday- 19. Most Epic Anime Scene Ever.
  • Wednesday- 20. Anime Character That Gets On Your Nerves.
  • Thursday- 21. Favourite Goofy Character.
  • Friday- 22. Favourite Anime Weapon, Gear or Armour Used.
  • Saturday- 23. Favourite Anime Attack.
  • Sunday- 24. Most Shocking Moment In An Anime.

Apart from the Anime Challenge, there will also be a Top Five list posted on Thursday and possible a First Impressions post, at some point.


And that was my week! Apologies for the long post, but I rarely get to play that many games in one week and I wanted to share with you guys what I’d been doing. If you play any of the MMOs and are on EU server for Elder Scrolls Online; the Lich EU server for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or the Gandara server (again Europe) for Guild Wars 2, feel free to hunt me down and say hi!

That’s enough of me talking, what have you guys been up to?

Update: A Boring Week.

Unfortunately due to work and real life, I haven’t really gotten much to talk about. Still, on the plus, I have a week off this week, so I can catch up on my gaming and other things I’ve been putting off. So without further ado, let’s jump into what I have been getting up to.

What have I been reading?

A lot of The Dresden Files. Well, more like three. I’ve finished Storm Front and Fool Moon, which I enjoyed reading more than I remember doing last time. For anyone who hasn’t come across The Dresden Files, the series follows Harry Dresden Chicago’s only wizard detective as he solves crimes committed by other supernatural beings within the city. I enjoy the dry humour and Harry’s narration, as he doesn’t hold back from saying what he feels. At the moment, I am half way through the third book, Grave Peril.

What have I been playing?

I’m still playing Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. At the moment, I’m half way up a mountain, trying to level up my weaker characters. I learnt long ago that it pays to grind in Final Fantasy games (curse you Seymour!). I’ve also been playing about of Elder Scrolls Online, as of last night, my Wood Elf is level 34. Unfortunately my obsession with completing everything in a zone, means I’m still in the second zone for the Aldmeri Dominion, at least I’m getting my monies worth! I’ve also been dabbling with a game on Steam called Melody’s Escape, which is a rhythm game, that uses the music in your music library.

What am I blogging about?

We are continuing with anime challenge, with topics 11-17 this week, which are:

  • Monday- 11. Favourite Mech Anime.
  • Tuesday- 12. Saddest Anime Scene.
  • Wednesday- 13. Anime Character That Is Most Similar to You.
  • Thursday- 14. Anime That Nevers Gets Old, No Matter How Much You’ve Seen It.
  • Friday- 15. Favourite Anime Sidekick, Animal or Summoning.
  • Saturday- 16. Anime With The Best Animation.
  • Sunday- 17. Best Supporting Male Anime Character.

On Thursday I’ll have a Recommended Gaming post. Because I have a bit of free time, I maybe able to write another post, but no promises.

I hope you guys have had a more interesting week, let me know what you’ve been up and I’ll talk to you soon!