My Video Game Collection: My Plans For 2022.

The gaming collecting community saw a lot of ups and downs over the course of 2021. A lot of people online said they are stopping collecting video games, mainly because the prices for some consoles are getting a little crazy. I’m fortunate as a lot of the consoles I collect for, seem to be not as affected by this price increase. So, today, I thought I would share my intentions/plans for my game collections in 2022.

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Thero’s Gaming A-Z: V.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a very short post. To put it simply: I have not completed any game whose title begins with the letter ‘V’. I have checked my console games and my Steam account; whilst I have played a number of games that I could talk about, I haven’t completed them. I said from the start of this challenge, I would only talk about games I would recommend and I would not recommend a game I have not finished. So, there is no game for this week. If you have any games you would recommend, whose title begins with the letter ‘V’ , that I should play,  please let me know in the comments as I always love getting some gaming recommendations.

The good news is there will definitely be a game for me to talk about next week, as next week’s post will be about the letter ‘W’. Hopefully, I will see you next week!

Ranking Every Game I Completed In 2021.

Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2022 and I won’t jinx it by saying it can’t get any worse than the previous two years because that is just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, I spent the last week of 2021, in bed, being quite ill and so I wasn’t able to put up any posts for you guys. So to make up for it, I’m writing this post in which I look back at all 29 games I completed in 2021 and rank them. Get comfortable, as this is going to be quite a long post, enjoy!

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Thero’s Nintendo Switch Game Christmas Gift Guide.

OK, this post is a little later than expected but if you know someone or indeed is someone who is desperately looking for Nintendo Switch game recommendations, then this is the post for them/you!

I did do a game recommendation post for PS4 games and like with that post, I do have some ground rules to establish. Firstly, all of the games I am recommending can be found on This way, if anyone who is not familiar with games is looking, they can easily buy it. This does mean there won’t be any niche games, but I’ll try and throw in some lesser known titles. Also, these are games that I have played either on Switch or another platform, so you know that I have experienced the games I am recommending. Unfortunately, that does mean you won’t see any Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Luigi’s Mansion 3, although I have heard that all three are excellent games. OK, let’s dive into the games I can recommend!

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