Thero's Recommended Gaming: Her Story.

Apologies for the lack of posting last week, I was unfortunately ill and not up to any writing. I’m almost back to my normal self, so let’s make up for some lost time! Its been several months since I last recommended a game, so let’s kick off the week with a recommendation post!

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New Year's Resolution Gaming Tag.

Earlier this week, I completed a tag about my New Year’s resolutions for my reading in 2020 and today I thought I would take that tag and apply it to my gaming for 2020! OK, maybe not the most original thing to do, but I thought it would be fun…

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Thero's Top Five Most Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2020.

It may have only been a few months of absence but when it comes to creating really long blog titles, I’ve still got the knack for it! Joking aside, I’m really excited for this top five lists as these are the five games that I am most excited for, that should be releasing this year. Enough talking, let’s jump into the list!

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Happy New Year!

And here we are- a new year and a new decade! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night and aren’t too unwell this morning. I just wanted to put up a quick post about A Reluctant Hero in 2020 and what I’m hoping to do.

Let’s me start off by saying that 2019 wasn’t a great year for this blog. That wasn’t a bad thing for me, as things in my personal life became a bigger priority, but it did mean A Reluctant Hero got neglected. Towards the end of the year, I tried to get the blog back on track but looking back trying to do this right before the busiest time of the year, probably wasn’t the best time to do so.

So, I figured, a new year presents an opportunity for a fresh start for this blog. I’m going to try and post Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays on A Reluctant Hero, whilst on my book blog, Paper Portals, I’ll be posting Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the first couple of months, I’ll be posting my usual content but later in the year, I have a couple of ideas for some new posts that I want to try out. Also, I’ll be trying to be a little more active in the blogging community.

So, that’s my plan for 2020. I’ve tried to keep the plan simple, so I have a better chance of sticking to it. I do want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck around and read this blog, even during the long periods of inactivity. I hope you guys will stick around for 2020 and I can’t wait to create some posts for you!

Happy New Year and I’ll talk to you soon!