Update: I’ve Been Infected!

So, I haven’t been up to much this. My sister infected me with her cold, although she claims she has the flu but I’m not convinced. Anyway, I digress. Since, I’ve been under the weather, I haven’t been in the right mindset to really do much of anything. I did manage to play a few games, so I guess it wasn’t too unproductive…

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Judging Books By Their Covers, October Edition.

In October, the month of Hallowe’en, I thought it would be appropriate for me to read a few horror novels, whether they were about zombies, ghosts or demons. So, join me as we judge my October books by their covers.

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Update: Enough With The Fireworks, Already!

I try and avoid using these update posts to rant about things but today is going to be an exception. People in the UK, Bonfire night is the 5th November, not the 4th, not the 3rd. Why is Bonfire Night celebrated on the 5th November? Because that is when the Gunpowder plot was foiled in 1605. Not the 4th, not the 5th. If you are going to celebrate the day when a group of people were arrested and would eventually be tortured and brutally executed, then celebrate on the right day. If that is inconvenient for you, then perhaps you shouldn’t celebrate this year. As someone who has to dogs, Bonfire night is not the best night of the year, but to have it spread across three nights instead of one is a nightmare. Also, there’s a special place in a certain fiery place for those individuals that think setting off fireworks at 10pm is hilarious. You know who you are.

OK, rant over. Let’s move into some more positive things.

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A Year of My Life in Games – 1991.

So, I got the idea for this series of posts from a series of posts from The Well-Red Mage. Basically, I will be talking about the games that have some importance for me over the course of my life. I figured I’d start the series on my birthday, with the year of my birth and continue until we catch up with the current year. So join me, as we travel back to 1991 and take a look at arguably one of the most important games of my life…

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