The Video Game World Cup 2018- My Pick.

Pix over at Shoot the Rookie has created the amazing event, The Video Game World Game 2018, in which blogger are invited to suggest video game characters who they think should make it the Video Game football team. When I heard of this event, there was really only one character that sprung to mind…

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Later Level’s Question of the Month, May Edition.

In this post, I’ll be attempting to answer Later Level’s May question, which is:

If you could live in any video game settlement (i.e a town, village, city, etc), where would you choose to live and why; and what role would you play in it?

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Community Blogging Event: Adventure Rules Secret Valentine.

Back in January, I said I wanted to take part in more collaborative events, so when the blog Adventure Rules, posted about a Valentine event to share some blogging love, how could I not join in?

So what is this event all about? Each blogger that signed up was (secretly) given a blogger to write about and share what they love about the other blog. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, read on as I share some love for Hungry Goriya!

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Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration, 1st January

Kim at Later Levels has created this amazing gaming collaboration to get everyone in the festive spirit. Today’s post is my answer for this question:

You wake up the following morning, hungover but happy – you have an entire day of gaming ahead of you. You start thinking back over the video games you played during 2017; what was your game of the year?

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