Playstation Trophy Hunting: My Eleventh to Twentieth Platinum Trophies.

Back in February I talked about the first ten platinum trophies that I had earnt, which you can read about here. Well, this month, I earnt my twentieth platinum trophy; so it seemed like the perfect time to about the ten platinum trophies I had earnt since February- let’s take a look!

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Playstation Trophy Hunting: Why I started hunting trophies.

Last year was a pretty rough year and I, like quite a few people, found escape in the form of video games. I had already planned to spend more time playing PS4; although I admit I didn’t expect to have the time to play so much of it… still I made the most of the situation and along the way I discovered that I enjoyed earning the Playstation trophies for the games I played. So, today, I thought I would talk to you about how this all occurred.

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