Where to start?

If you’ve clicked on this page, then you’re probably wondering what sort of posts I write- I’ll be honest, I sometimes wonder that myself! On A Reluctant Hero, I try to post every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, with the exception of any monthly blogging challenges I undertake. In order to (try to) keep to the schedule, a lot of my posts fall into some broad categories. On this page,  you find an explanation for these categories, as well as links to some of my personal favourite posts. Enjoy!

30 Day Challenges.

Sometimes, I’m a little crazy and decide to set these 30 day challenges for myself. These are all based around a particular theme, for example The Harry Potter challenge, that I aim to complete within 30 days. Sounds easy? Writing 30 posts in a row is not quite as easy as it seems, trust me.


These posts are my contribution to activities and events set up in the WordPress community. These vary from Adventure Rules’ Secret Valentine to Later Level’s Question of the Month. I’m hoping this category will expand as I try to take part in more collaborations.

Disney Classics Challenge.

This is my long ongoing challenge to watch every single Disney Animated Classic, in order, and post my thoughts on the blog. Admittedly, this is not a frequent post on the blog, but I’m hoping to post more Disney related content in the future. So far, I’ve watched: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio,  Fantasia and Dumbo.

First Impressions.

These posts are all about my initial thoughts on a TV show. More recently, I have also included video games in these posts as well. Why first impressions and not a full review? It takes me a long time to watch or play something to completion and I won’t fully review something until I’ve finished; first impression posts let me write down my thoughts early on.  Here are some posts where I’ve shared my first impressions: The Ancient Magus’ BrideKingdom Come: Deliverance and Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light.

Gift Guides.

Around November, for a brief time, I’ll post some ideas for gifts. These posts are all themed, such as: Buying for an Assassin’s Creed Fan or Buying for a Final Fantasy fan. If you are struggling to find a gift for a geeky loved one, perhaps these posts may provide you with some inspiration?

MMO Seasonal Events.

A few years ago I fell in love with playing MMORPGs- at the moment I play Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Whenever an MMO I play holds a seasonal, or one-off event, I’ll post the details of the event, so other players can decide whether they’re worth completing. These events range from anniversary events, like ESO’s 4th anniversary, to a seasonally themed one, like Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration at Christmas.


Ramblings is the section where I put anything I’m not really where else to put. Its mostly the home of my gaming update posts, which are monthly posts about what I’ve been playing. These tend to get published on the first Monday, Thursday or Sunday, whichever is closest to the first,  of each month.

Recommended Gaming.

I’ve been playing video games for a long time and in these posts I share the games that I believe are worth playing. Let’s face it, games are expensive and you can’t afford to waste money on games that are broken or in some other way bad. Some games I have recommended are: Final Fantasy XPlanet Coaster and Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Recommended Reading.

Not only am I a huge gamer, I’m also a huge bookworm as well. Like with the Recommended Gaming posts, in the Recommend Reading posts, I recommend books that I think are worth reading. These books tend to fit the fantasy, sci-fi or horror genre, but I may throw in the odd classic or historical novel, just to keep things interesting. In the past, I have recommended: Flowers for AlgernonThe Final Empire and V for Vendetta.

Saturday Animated Reviews.

These posts are my attempt to relive my childhood by watching animated TV shows from my childhood. Currently, I am watching X-Men: The Animated Series*This is series of posts is currently on hiatus but with hopefully return later in 2020.

Thero’s Top Fives.

Who doesn’t love lists of five things based on a particular theme? Mine tend to have really long titles, like: Thero’s Top Five Time Periods For A Future Assassin’s Creed Game or Thero’s Top Five Dog Companions in Video Games or even Thero’s Top Five Tragic Couples in Video Games. OK, that last one was a little shorter…

Trips Out.

Sometimes, I dare to venture out in public. These posts are usually about whatever event/attraction/thing I went out to see. These seem to include a lot of musicals including Bat Out of Hell the Musical and Phantom of the Opera.


This category is mainly my look at the Humble Monthly Bundles, which people seem to enjoy reading about. I’ve also included the odd Crown Crate unboxing from Elder Scrolls Online. I guess the biggest surprise would be the day I write post on a physical unboxing!

Video Game Reviews.

This category is probably self explanatory. These are video game reviews about games I have completed either to the credits or once I’ve played almost fifty hours of said game, whichever situation I reach first. These reviews include: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I also post these reviews on a blog called Upon Completion, which has even more video game related content.

And that is a quick run down of the categories on A Reluctant Hero! I hope that helps anyone new to this blog, as they dive into the posts I’ve written over the past few years. I’m always happy to chat, so post a comment in one of my posts and I’ll talk to you soon!