About Thero

Hi there! I see you’ve either managed to stumble on my ‘About’ page or you were determined to find out more about the (not so) mysterious blogger Thero and her blog, ‘A Reluctant Hero’! Well, as you’ve probably guessed I go by the name of Thero around these parts, its a pleasure to meet you!

As you can probably tell, I may have a thing about heroes; be they superheroes, anti-heroes, tragic heroes, hero heroes or even reluctant heroes! (See what I did there… you know, name of my blog… and never mind…) But that’s not all! Nope, I love video games, books (admittedly mostly fantasy and sci-fi); I even dabble in a bit of anime. To be honest, I’m just a lovable geek (I’m not 100% on the lovable part, but no one has ever said anything to suggest otherwise…) who wants to be a little bit geeky on the Internet!

So what about this blog? To be honest, it’s going to be a place for my ramblings and anything I want to write about. But it will probably have a geeky vibe about it. Feel free to post a comment, or question on this blog, and I’ll do my best to reply. I also contribute to another blog called Upon Completion, which is all about video games. Currently, I (try) to post a video game review every Friday. If you’re interested in reviews, Let’s Plays and other game related posts click here to visit Upon Completion. If you are wondering where to start reading on this blog, here is a handy Where To Start? page for you!

Well, enough of my waffling, I’m off to slay a dragon, rescue a princess and save a world somewhere…

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