Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Final Fantasy VII.

I’ll be the first to admit that it can take me a long time to get around to playing a game. Ever since I first played Final Fantasy X, over fifteen years ago, I wanted to go back and play the previous games in the Final Fantasy series, especially Final Fantasy VII as it is a well loved game in the series. Well, in 2020, I finally played and finished Final Fantasy VII and I do wish that I had played the game sooner and as I loved my time with it. I guess the only way I can make amends is to recommend Final Fantasy VII, in this post, today!

I imagine that many people reading this have either played Final Fantasy VII or have some basic knowledge of it. You probably know there is this blonde spikey haired guy with a big sword, an antagonist with an epic song associated with him and something tragic happens in the story. But what is Final Fantasy VII actually about? Well, the game follows a rag-tag group of characters who initially start out as eco-terrorists but end up journeying to save the world. To sum up theplot: it is epic but it is also takes some unexpected twists and turns. I daren’t talk too much about the story as if you’ve never played it before, you want to go in as blind as possible because it truly is something special, especially when you get to the disc two content.

Gameplay wise, its a JRPG that uses an action timer bar to keep the action moving. Your characters level up the more battles they take part in, they can use special moves called Limit Breaks and each charcter has their own legendary weapon to find. The one thing that makes Final Fantasy VII stand out, with its gameplay, is the Materia system. Materia are these little coloured balls that can be combined with a character’s weapon or equipment to give that character spells or abilities, boost their stats or even summon monsters to the battlefield. The more your party uses their Materia, the more powerful that Materia gets, giving your characters more abilities and better stat boosts. The Materia system allows you to personalise your party and to play the Final Fantasy VII how you want. I first thought that the Materia system was a little weird, I admit I was missing my skill trees, but it didn’t take me long to realise how versatile a system it was. Overall, Final Fantasy VII, takes the gameplay mechanics that makes the JRPG genre so great and then adds somethings to make itself stand out in the JRPG crowd.

Finally, I need to just mention the music. OK, I know, the Final Fantasy series is known for its amazing music but Final Fantasy VII definitely has some amazing soundtracks. Some of my favourites include: Aerith’s Theme, Gold Saucer and, of course, One-Winged Angel. Each scene and location in the game has a track that suits it perfectly, whether it when your party enters battle or when you take to the skies in the Highwind. In a game that took me over forty five hours to complete there wasn’t a point where I got sick of the music.

Overall, Final Fantasy VII is a game that absolutely deserves its reputation. It has an amazing story and solid gameplay mechanics. If you love JRPGs or want to experience a game that would influence many games to come after it, then I highly recommend you play Final Fantasy VII.

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