A Year Of My Life In Games- 2016.

We have reached 2016 in this series of posts! This turned out to be an easy year when it came to thinking about games that I loved that were released in 2016. In fact, it didn’t take me long to think of two games that have become two of my favourite games. Let’s take a look at them!

The first game combine two things I love: the world of Warhammer and the Total War video game series. I’ve been into the Warhammer franchise since I was around twelve years old, when I bought my first army. Since then I’ve played various editions of the tabletop game, read many of the novels and have played many of the video games based in that grim dark world. So when I heard that Creative Assembly were developing a series of Warhammer games in their Total War series, I was excited. The idea of being able to direct one of the factions of the Old World to glory in a video game was one that I’ve always wanted to do; but up until 2016, none of the Warhammer themed video games had been able to fully do justice to. That changed with Total War: Warhammer, which was able to, not only bring the Old World to life, but was also a fantastic turn based strategy game. It just goes to show that if the right developer gets access to a franchise, then fans can get a game that does that franchise justice. Now, if only someone could do a first person RPG set in the world of Warhammmer

The second game I want to talk about is one I’ve been talk ing about a lot on this blog and that is Stardew Valley. I honestly can’t believe that this game is almost five years old! Stardew Valley is a farming sim that took the gaming community by surprise when it released back in 2016. It had everything that fan of the genre could want- exploration, a multitude of thing to collect and a community of NPCs to get to know. The fact that this game was developed by one person is mind blowing. Stardew Valley is my go to game when I just want to chill out and not be responsible for saving a world. It is one of those games I recommend to someone who doesn’t play video games but wants to try a game out. All in all, Stardew Valley deserves all the recognition and praise that it received and continues to receive. It just goes to show, you don’t always need a huge team of developers to make a fantastic game, sometimes it just takes one passionate individual.

And those were the two games released in 2016 that I loved playing! What games released in 2016 did you love? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

One thought on “A Year Of My Life In Games- 2016.

  1. 2016… Wandering somewhere on the web, I saw a banner ad for a new version Master of Orion. Clicked, read more, was finally sucked into installing Steam, and have been happily playing it ever since. Almost 2k hours I think, I’m too lazy to open Steam and double check.

    Also, in Kerbal Space Program… It took a month of work, but I managed to tackle one the more difficult challenges in the game – the Jool 5 challenge.


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