Thero’s Gaming A-Z: E.

It week five, which means its time to talk about a game begining with the letter ‘E’! This was a bit of a challenge, as I haven’t played that many games beginning with ‘E’. Fortunately, one of my favourite games of all time does begin with ‘E’ and I haven’t yet recommeneded it in one of my recommendation posts. Can you guess what it could be? Well, let’s take a look!

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My Game Collection: The First Games For Each Console I Own.

In case it hasn’t been obvious, I love gaming. I have loved it since the first time I picked up the Sega Megadrive controller and tried to guide Sonic through the first Green Hill Zone stage. So, with February being the month of love, how can I share my love for this entertainment medium, considering I’ve been talking about it on this blog for the past five years? Well, I thought that today I will share with you a glimpse into a part of my gaming that I don’t often share on this blog- my physical video game collection. Now, I’m not one of these mega collectors with thousands of games, complete in box but I have kept every single game I own for each of the consoles I have. Since this is the first time I’m showing off my collection, I thought the best place to start would be with the first game I owned for each of my consoles. I’ll apologise in advance- I’m not great at taking photos, so someof these pictures may not be the best quality. OK, with that said, let’s take a peek at my video game collection!

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