EXP Share: A Story Where An Event Left You In Shock.

We all love a good plot twist, well, this month DanamesX wants bloggers to share their favourite fictional moments that left them shocked. Let’s take a look at some shocking moments for me!

Firstly, let’s take a look at exactly what DanamesX wants us to talk about:

Share a story where an event in a game, tv show, movie, or book left you in shock and your reaction to it.

DanamesX, Tales from the Backlog.

OK, I’m going to spoil you guys, by talking about a moment from a video game, a TV show and a book. Speaking of spoilers, I will be talking about plot twists, so beware of spoilers for the rest of this post!

Game: The Walking Dead Season 1.

Image source: The Walking Dead’s Steam store page.

Whilst The Walking Dead, Season 1 was not my first point and click adventure game, it was my introduction to Telltale Games and I have to say it was a pretty awesome introduction. In the game, you play as Lee, a convicted criminal on his way to prison when the end of the world happened. After fleeing a reanimated corpse, he crosses paths with Clementine, a young girl left with her babysitter (who had recently joined the walking corpses) whilst her parents were away. What then transpires is one of the sweetest relationships in gaming, as Lee and Clementine try to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

Unfortunately, things don’t end well, as Lee ends up getting bitten when trying to find Clementine, who had disappeared. For those of you unfamiliar with the rules of zombie bites- Lee was a dead man… well walking. In order to buy himself time, Lee ends up amputating his arm, navigating a zombie horde and rescuing Clementine from a unhinged man. Whilst Lee was able to save Clementine, he was unable to save himself and at the end of the game you take control of Clementine as Lee begs her to save herself. Your final decision in the game is to either leave Lee to turn into a walking corpse or pull the trigger, killing him but letting him die as a human being. This was such an agonising decision as I had gotten attached to these two characters and their relationships, but my shock came from the zombie biting Lee. As a fan of the zombie genre, I knew this sealed Lee’s fate and so I was shocked that the developers chose to effectively kill their protangonist with a good portion of the game to go. Looking back, this was the right decision, as it revealed to the player the brutal reality of the world of The Walking Dead but, at the time, it certainly felt like I had been punched in the stomach when the bite had happened.

TV Show: Once Upon A Time, Season 1.

Image source: Pintrest.

A few years ago, I feel in love with the show Once Upon A Time, especially its earlier seasons- in fact, in my opinion, season 1 is one of the show’s best seasons. So, Once Upon A Time followed all the story book characters we know (or think we know) and told the story of how they were cursed into our world, lost their memories and how the daughter of Snow White and Prince Chharming was destined to break the curse. Amongst the cursed inhabitants was Rumplestilstkin, a power sorceror and trickster with a jabit of making deals. As the first season prgressed, each episode would tell explain each of the characters’ backstories as well as what they were doing in our world.

The overarching story showed how the Evil Queen wanted to deny everyone their happy endings, in revenge for her losing the man she loved. She goes to Rumplestiltskin, who explains how to enact the curse on the promise that in our world he will get whatever he wants, which the Evil Queen agrees to. However its not just teh Evil Queen that Rumplestiltskin has been helping, throughout the season we see how he manipulates the relationship between Snow White and Prince Charming, as well as their daughter, Emma, in our world. What was Rumplestiltskin’s motives for all ofthese deals and manipulations? To find his son, whom had disappeared into our world, many years previously.

Now, I did not pick up on this until the final episode of season one, but the events of the entire season were basically orchestrated by Rumplestiltskin. His deal making seemed pretty random until you had seen the final episode and looked back at what he had done- manpiulated everyone he has met to ensure he could get to our world, regain his magic and find his son. That revelation was pretty shocking moments as up until that point, Rumplestlitskin had seemed like an insane individual who liked to make random deals but in the end, everything he did had a purpose.

Book: Game of Thrones.

Image source: Goodreads.

For anyone who has read the first book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A GAme of Thronesby George R. R. Martin will probably have guessed the shocking moments- Eddard Stark’s excution. Eddard is one of the main protangonists of A GAme of Thronesand quite a large portion of the book is focussed on his actions in the capital. So, it was pretty shocking moment when he was executed, despite events leading to this moments usggesting he was going to be pardoned and exiled. This one event made me realise that George R. R. Martin was unafraid to kill his characters, once they had served their purpose. Still, the shock of seeing one of the main protagonist die in the very first book of teh series will always still with me as one of the most shocking moments in a fantasy novel.

So those were my shocking moments, please let me know what yours are. As always, I want to tahnk DanamesX for creating such a great topic to talk about and if you have a moments please check out Tales from the Backlog.

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