30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 12. Favourite Pokemon Attack/Move.

Today, I’m going to talk about my favourite Pokemon attack/move and with over 800 attacks/moves to choose from, this could be a tough choice!

Well, maybe that tough, as I’ve decided to pick the attack that I have used since the first generation of Pokemon games- that attack in Fly.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

Fly is a flying type move taht does eactly what it says. Its a two turn move: in the first turn, the Pokemon flies up high and then in the second turn, the Pokemon dives down, hitting its opponent. What makes Fly a great move is that not many attacks can affect the user whilst they are in the first turn of the Fly attack. Furthermore, up until the latest genreation, a Pokemon with the Fly move can be used to fly to locatiosn that you had previosuly visited in the games. This made the move really useful when you had to backtrack to locations that you had visited earlier in the games.

It may not be the most visually impressive move, like Fire Blast, but Fly is definitely a useful (and slightly infuriating move for you opponent) move to have. So, what is your favourite attack/move? Is it a pwerful more or a more useful one? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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