Video Game Challenge- 7. Favourite Game Couple.

If you have read my Day 2 post for this challenge, then this will come as no surprise, so I’ll cut to the chase. My favourite video game couple is Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X.


Like I said, probably not a big surprise. The thing I like most about Tidus and Yuna’s relationship is that it is an equal one. Tidus is not Yuna’s knight in shining armour nor does Yuna’s status as a summoner mean that she looks down on Tidus. Theirs is a mutual relationship that they both grow and develop from. Despite knowing each other for a short while, they go through some life changing moments together, like fighting monsters, breaking up a state wedding and defying a religious organisation. In short, they are a believable couple who you can’t help but root for.

Which video game couple do you love? Speaking of love, why don’t you share some with Khinjarsi and Luna who are also taking part in the video game challenge.

Come back tomorrow, when I’ll be discussing the best video game soundtracks.


The image of Yuna and Tidus came from the Final Fantasy wikia.

5 thoughts on “Video Game Challenge- 7. Favourite Game Couple.

  1. I really liked Tidus and Yuna. They were so cute together especially when they just started randomly laughing and the rest of the party stared at them like they were crazy, and when they went swimming together. Okay, the two are just adorable.

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  2. Great answer! I’m not tat big into Final Fantasy but I do know of Tidas and Yuna (I have a scroll of Yuna on my wall lol). Thank you for the shout out as well!

    -Luna 🙂

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