Five Games Challenge: Week 1.

I’ve made it through week one of the Five Games Challenge! I was a little concerned that I would struggle with this week, as I had the week off work and England went back into lockdown. I was afraid that I would either get burnt out on gaming or I would get bored of the games I picked. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, so let’s take a look at how the week panned out!

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Video Game Music Challenge- Day 24. Music You Constantly Have Stuck In Your Head.

This is something that has happened to pretty much everyone, you hear a song and no matter what it stays in your head. You may not know the lyrics or even the whole song but the bit that you do know just keeps going around and around in your mind. This doesn’t have to be the latest hit song on Spotify, it can also be part of a video game soundtrack; so today let’s talk about the video game music that constantly gets stuck in your head!

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Real Neat Blog Award Nomination.

A few days ago, A Reluctant Hero was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Megan over at A Geeky GalIf you love reading about gaming, geeky lists and some personal stories, then I highly recommend checking out A Geeky Gal. I want to thank Megan for taking the time to nominate me, I’m pretty bad at responding to these nominations but they are always appreciated. OK, let’s move onto the rules for the award…

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