Video Game Music Challenge- Day 25: Music That Gets You Pumped.

Music in video games serve several purposes like creating atmosphere and evoking certain emotions. Today, I’m talking about the video game music that gets me excited.

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Thero’s Top Five Video Game Themed Easter Eggs.

Its been awhile since I last did a top five list post and I thought why not do a seasonally appropriate list for today? Since its Easter Sunday, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Easter eggs that I’ve come across in some video games. So, grab your chocolate eggs, sit back and let’s dive in!

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Update: Guess Who’s Dogsitting Again!

I’m starting to believe my parents spend more time on holiday than they do in their own house. This does mean that I get stuck with the dogsitting duty. Don’t get me wrong, I love our two shih tzu x poodles, Bertie and Barney, but it does mean that my PC tends to get neglected. So, if I was slow in responding to any of you guys since Friday, I apologise but I should now be back on track!

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Creative Christmas: A Gaming Collaboration, 29th December.

Kim at Later Levels has created this amazing gaming collaboration to get everyone in the festive spirit. Today’s post is my answer for this question:

The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?

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