Update: Getting Back on Track.

After being ill and everything getting behind schedule; last week was spent getting back on track, which has largely been a success. However in the real world, things haven’t been going so great. I was working on Sunday which meant I missed spending Mother’s Day with my mother and there’s some negative things going on at work, nothing aimed at me but it is affecting the atmosphere there. Still, this week is a new week which means things could look up, if not, I can always take my frustration out on some Templars!

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Update: Almost Back On Track!

Last week, I was focusing on catching up on things after the whole Internet issue. Its kind of scary how much the Internet has become a part of my life and without it, a lot of the things I do can grind to a halt. This coming week, I should be fully past those technical issues, two weeks on from the trauma. So, yay for technological dependency!

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