Something To Watch Over The Festive Period…

The winter season is traditionally the time to go watch some sort of musical performance, like pantomime or a musical. I know that this time of year being able to afford tickets to these sorts of things isn’t always possible but what if I told there was a Youtube channel that could give you your musical fix over the festive period?

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London MCM Comic Con 2018: An Interview With A Comic Con Rookie.

On Saturday 27th, my brother and I attended London Comic Con for the third time. This year, we also had our sister, Stacey, and her girlfriend join us for this adventure. So I thought it would be a great idea to talk to my sister about how she found her first ever (and hopefully not last!) Comic Con.

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Thero’s Top Five Adult Characters in Children’s Novel Who Aren’t So Nice.

Yep, I’m going for a really long title for this post! Today’s top five list is all about those adult characters who seem nice at first but turn out to be quite evil underneath. As always I do have a couple of rules:

  1. These characters have to be adults.
  2. The characters have to come from books written for children/young adults.
  3. Only character per series can be on this list.

Be warned, there will be some spoilers below. Now the rules have been set, let’s get down to the top five!

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Update: Dogsitting, Part 2.

Well, last week didn’t go to plan, did it? My parents decided to go away for their anniversary, which meant a second round of dogsitting for Thero! Not that I mind, it just meant I didn’t get much chance to sit at my computer this week. This week, however, is a completely different story; as I actually have the whole week off work, which means the blogging (and gaming) can get back on track! The other thing I forgot to mention last week was on 5th April, The Reluctant Hero turned 3 years old! Admittedly, it wasn’t until about 18 months ago, that I started to give this blog the love and attention it deserved but I thought I’d let you guys know three years have passed since my first awkward posts.

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