Thero’s Top Five Most Anticipated Games Releasing In 2019.

2019 may only be a few days old but that won’t stop me looking forward to some more games being released. Today, I’ll be listing the top five games I am looking forward to being released in 2019. For this list, I won’t be listing any remakes/remasters and there needs to be some confirmation that the game is being released in 2019. OK, let’s jump into it!

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Update: Feeling A Little Better.

Hi guys! As you can tell, I’m back and feeling a lot better emotionally. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to leave such kind messages. I know that the Internet can be a toxic place but here the community is just amazing, so thank you. I’ll admit, that this post won’t be as a lengthy as normal but let’s just jump into what I’ve been doing.

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Update: I Got Distracted, Again.

Some of you probably noticed the lack of posts. Well, like the title of the post says, I got distracted, by Final Fantasy XIV. A friend informed me last week that in August, the Monster Hunter crossover event begins and one of the rewards is a dragon mount! Only catch is that your character has to be level 70 and have finished the Stormblood quest… my character is level 35. So, in short, my absence on this blog is because I’m trying to get a dragon-like mount. I can’t see anything wrong with my priorities!

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