Update: Look Who’s Back!

Yes, it’s me, Thero! I’ve returned from an unplanned absence and ready to jump back into the blogging game. Why did I disappear? Well, to be honest, I was feeling a little burnt out after Christmas and was struggling through January; so I took some time away from this blog. Now, I feel really motivated and ready to post random rambly geeky things!

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Update: The Festive Season Is Upon Us!

Depending on the sort of person that you are, you are either really excited that December is hear or doing your best Grinch/Scrooge impression. For me, despite working in retail, I love Christmas especially being able to spend time with my family, even if it is only for a couple of days.

Still, there are still quite a few days to go until the 25th, so let’s move on to what I’ve been doing last week.

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MMO Seasonal Event- Elder Scrolls Online: Undaunted Celebration Event.

Elder Scrolls Online has been spoiling us lately, with four events planned for the end of 2018. So far, we have had the spooky Witches’ Festival and the Clockwork City Celebration event; now we are on the third event- the Undaunted Celebration Event. Read on to see what it is all about!

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Update: I’ve Returned & Bringing A New Challenge With Me!

Hi guys! I apologise for the lengthy silence on this blog, unfortunately a relative was taken to hospital a couple of weeks ago and we were advised that their conditional was incredibly bad. Since then, they have made an amazing recovery, the consultant says they are no where near out of the woods, yet, but they are in a far better condition. Over the course of the two weeks that this has been going on, my head just wasn’t in the right place for me to sit down and write. Now, with the more positive news, I feel much better and am now ready to give this blog some more attention, which brings me onto the second part of this post’s title…

The Daily December challenge is returning for 2018! For anyone new to the blog, for the past couple of years, each December I try and post daily on the blog- sort of like a virtual advent calendar but for the whole of December.  Naturally, the challenge will start on 1st December, which is this Saturday! I guess I should start writing some more posts…

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