Thero’s Top Five Games Shown At E3.

E3 maybe over and done with for another year, but before we move on completely; I would like to share the five games that I’m excited about that were shown at E3 2019.

Before we get into the five games, I do want to give honourable mentions to some games that are either coming out literally next month or are remasters of previous games, like Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. I am super excited for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but since they are both being released next month, they didn’t make the list. That being said, let’s jump into my top five games shown at E3 2019!

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My 2019 E3 Wishlist

E3 is almost upon us again and I thought I would do what I did last year, write a post about the games I hope to hear more about from the expo! Like last, year, I’ll try and sort these games by developer/publisher but apart from that, they aren’t in any particular order. OK, let’s take a look at my wishlist!

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Update: I Finished It!

I’m going to leave you guessing as to what I’ve finished just for a little while longer, although I suspect some of you may be to guess. E3 is currently in full swing, which I’ll hopefully be able to talk about later this week. Aside from that, my Pathfinder’s group met up on Saturday and had a very quick encounter in an arena. My cleric’s healing abilities were put to the test but fortunately everyone made it out of the encounter relatively unscathed. I guess that is enough of my waffling, let’s get down to what else I’ve been up this week…

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Update: All Aboard the Hype Train!

This week, gamers have been teased with quite a few gaming related hints and rumours this pass week from Assassin’s Creed, ‘This is Sparta’ teaser to the 24 hour long stream by Bethesda for Fallout 76. With a week to go, I imagine that there are going to be more teasers and trailers in the week to come.

But what about E3? The cynical side of me always wants to write it off as event that’s purely about hyping gamers to preorder the latest game. On the other hand, my more optimistic side, believes as long as you take a critical eye to these showcases, they can be quite entertaining. After E3 has finished, I’ll probably write a post about what I thought was interesting from the event. Still, these next couple of weeks should have some interesting gaming news!

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