Update: I Would Like To Introduce You To Someone… Sort Of.

So, last week I was very quiet on this blog, in fact I didn’t post anything apart from on Monday. There was a really good reason for this, as I was preparing for a new pet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture yet, as he has been busy getting settled in his new home; but on Thursday last week, I brought home Strat, my Syrian hamster.

I’ve been thinking recently about getting a new pet, as it has been several years since my rabbit, Shadow, had passed away and now I felt was a good time to get one. I’ve always loved hamsters, having owned one when I was younger, Why have I named him Strat? Well, he is named after one of the main characters in Bat Out of Hell the Musical, a rebel who likes to make a lot of noise and cause chaos. That probably gives you a good idea of my Strat’s personality!

I wanted Strat to get settled, so I’ve been avoiding my computer for the past few days, to give him that peace and quiet. I iwll try and get a picture of him for the next update post, but no promises!

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My Thoughts on Bat Out of Hell the Musical.

Last Saturday, I went and saw Bat Out of Hell the Musical in London and I thought today, I would share my thoughts on one of the newest additions to the West End. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers in this post!

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Update: Eagles & Bats.

With the Harry Potter challenge (finally) finished, we are back to normal on this blog! Last week I had a week off work, mainly to indulge in gaming and catching up on Agent’s of Shield. On Saturday, I went to London and watched Bat Out of Hell the musical, which was simply amazing and something that deserves its own post entirely, so expect to see a post all about it soon!

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