Update: Dogsitting, Part 2.

Well, last week didn’t go to plan, did it? My parents decided to go away for their anniversary, which meant a second round of dogsitting for Thero! Not that I mind, it just meant I didn’t get much chance to sit at my computer this week. This week, however, is a completely different story; as I actually have the whole week off work, which means the blogging (and gaming) can get back on track! The other thing I forgot to mention last week was on 5th April, The Reluctant Hero turned 3 years old! Admittedly, it wasn’t until about 18 months ago, that I started to give this blog the love and attention it deserved but I thought I’d let you guys know three years have passed since my first awkward posts.

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Update: Its All the Real World’s Fault.

Yes, I blaming real life for my disappearance for the past four days. It was mainly due to stuff going on at work, which meant I was burnt out by the time I came home, so I had little energy for any writing. I’m sorry guys, I had hoped that after the previous week I would be able to get back  on track with blogging but I didn’t want my tiredness to affect my posts, so I thought it would be better if I had the weekend to just get myself together and start fresh at the beginning of the week. Once again, I am sorry and I believe that this week will go more according to plan.

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Update: OK, I May Have Gotten Distracted…

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I dropped the ball at the later end of last week. I just didn’t realise how much I would get engrossed in Surviving Mars, a colony building game that released on Steam last week. Since it has stolen a bit of my time, I may make a First Impressions post on it. Unfortunately, the time I spent with it meant a missed a day on posting the Harry Potter Challenge, my Recommended Reading post and the X-Men episode post. I’m sorry but I would be lying if I said it would never happen again. Still, that didn’t mean last week was entirely unproductive…

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