First Impressions – Demon Slayer.

Its been a while since I did a first impressions on an anime series but after watching the first four episodes of Demon Slayer thought now would be a good time to share my first impressions on this anime series!

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The Top Ten Most Read Posts For This Blog in 2018!

Its that time of year again, where we look back at the past year and see what’s been going on with blog, which I can safely say quite a lot! For this end of year list, I will take the ten posts with the most views from the past 365 days. I will be discounting any pages, such as the About Me page, as well as the archive, as that isn’t really an individual post. If you want to check out any of the posts, I’ve made each post title a link.  OK, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most viewed posts for 2018!

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Update: My Crazy Idea Sort Of Worked.

Last week, I did something a little different and I streamed myself playing a game on Twitch, for the first time. It went sort of well. I managed to get the stream live, although there may be some work in improving the quality of the stream. I came away from the experience with a greater appreciation for people to stream. Seriously, its a lot harder than it looks, especially if you’re playing a game that you’ve never played before. Still, my little experiment was a success and now that we are entering October, I may try and face my fears and stream me playing a horror game… just don’t expect me to get too far.

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