Update: The End of the Challenge.

Some of you may be relieved that this is the anime challenge’s final week. I’ll be honest, a small part of me is also relieved as at times it was difficult to get these posts done in time. Still, I have enjoyed doing the challenge and while it shows I’ve definitely watched a few more anime series, it also shows I still have a little way to go before I can say I’ve made a dent in my anime ‘to-watch’ list.

What have I been reading?

I have finished off Grave Peril and also Summer Knight, the fourth book in the Dresden Files. I enjoyed both of these as the author, Jim Butcher, is exploring more of Dresden’s world by showing the Vampire Courts, White Councils and Faerie Courts. The storylines are also getting darker, more complex and the stakes are getting higher. It probably won’t surprise you then, that I have started reading Death Masks, in which Dresden is currently being hired to find the Shroud of Turin which has been stolen. I think after this book, I may switch to another series or a standalone novel, just so I don’t get tired of the Dresden Files.

What have I been playing?

Well, I haven’t been playing much video game this week, since I was working for six days, but I did manage to get a few hours of game time! I haven’t made a lot of progress on the MMO games. In Elder Scrolls Online, I have now joined the thieves guild and am currently working through that questline. In Guild Wars 2, I am now in the second zone for the Slyvari, Kessex Hills.

I spent most of my time in Final Fantasy XIV, where I have discovered my love of chocobo racing. I’ve also come to the conclusion that who ever created the Yokai Watch special event is a sadist. For those who don’t play FFXIV,  in the Yokai Watch event, you collect Yokai medals by taking part in events called FATEs, which are sort of like group missions, once you have enough medals you can exchange them for a Yokai minion. Each time to exchange the medals the cost for the net minion goes up and there are 13 of these minions to collect. You also can only earn the special mount by collecting all 13. Now if that is not bad enough, each class can also earn a special weapon but only if you collect a certain number of legendary medals, which you do by having the relevant minion accompany you as you complete FATEs and hope that their legendary medal drops. Oh, and the number of legendary medals you need increase every time to earn a reward. After spending a week on this event, I have six minions and one weapon. Yep, those people over at FXIV are sadists.

What am I blogging about?

The last few anime challenge posts go up this week, they are:

  • Monday: Saddest Anime Death.
  • Tuesday: Best Anime Fight.
  • Wednesday: Most Badass Scene of an Anime Character.
  • Thursday: Favourite Anime Quote.
  • Friday: An Anime You Wished Was Real.
  • Saturday: Anime You Wished Never Ended.

Apart from the challenge, I’ll be putting up the Top Five list and the First Impressions post that didn’t make it onto the blog last week.

Well, that is the end of the update. I hope you guys have a great week and hopefully I’ll see you around on the blog!