Update: I Haven’t Disappeared, Yet!

Well, I managed to keep my promise to you guys and managed to publish all three posts last week! I consider that a victory! All joking aside, I can safely say, I am back to normal self and raring to go with the whole blogging thing. Fingers crossed, soon I’ll be joining back in with some of the community events…

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MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: Little Ladies’ Day 2019.

Spring is upon which in the world of Final Fantasy XIV means its time to celebrate Little Ladies Day, a day where all ladies are princesses. Let’s take a look at this unique event…

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Update: An Improvement… I Guess.

Well, I guess I did better last week, than I did the previous two weeks- I posted two posts! Let’s see if this week, I can top that making three posts! All joking aside, I’m hoping to get back to my usual schedule soon, I promise!

Still, this week, I managed to get to go on a trip to London to visit the Natural History museum and the Science museum. Here’s my first guide tip: Don’t go on a Saturday. It feels like almost every parent turned out with their children in tow. I’m not a child hater but I don’t like children who are allowed to run wild in a museum. My second guide tip: Look at a floor plan of the museums beforehand and make sure you check out the stuff you really want to see. Both museums are huge and we didn’t get a chance to see everything in the Natural History museum. So, we are planning to go back at some point and check out the stuff we missed. Just on a weekday next time.

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