Something To Watch Over The Festive Period…

The winter season is traditionally the time to go watch some sort of musical performance, like pantomime or a musical. I know that this time of year being able to afford tickets to these sorts of things isn’t always possible but what if I told there was a Youtube channel that could give you your musical fix over the festive period?

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Update: Is Christmas Really Upon Us?!

I don’t know why, but this month has really flown by! I mean, in literally a week’s time, it will be Christmas Eve- I hope those of you celebrating Christmas are almost ready for it! I have to apologise as I missed out on three posts at the end of last week, unfortunately, with everything going on its actually been difficult to sit down and write these posts. With that said, let’s not waste anymore time and jump straight into what I’ve been getting up to this past week!

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A Year Of My Life In Games- 1995.

We have now reached the half way point in 90’s. I’ll be honest, this was almost as much of a struggle to find a game for 1995, as it was for the 1994 post. Fear not, there was one game that was released that did leave its mark; maybe not as much as some of the other games on this list but I was deter,=mined not to leave another blank post, so here goes…

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Later Levels’ Question of the Month, December Edition.

Its the last Question of the Month of 2018 from Later Levels! I’ve had a real blast at taking part in these questions over the course of the year and I have to say, the questions that members of the blogging community have come up with have been incredible. I think it probably goes without saying, as long as Later Levels keeps posting these questions, I’ll definitely try and answer them. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the December question!

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