July Humble Monthly Bundle… Unboxing?!

It is absolutely roasting in the UK, so I’m taking any excuse to keep cool and stay inside. The Humble Monthly Bundle’s timing couldn’t be more perfect, as it gives me the perfect excuse. Join me, as we explore another bundle of gaming goodness!

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Elder Scrolls Online: Psijic Crown Crates… Unboxing?!

A recent Crown crate log in event, means that I have three Crown Crates to open and with the release of Summerset earlier this month, the Crown Crate theme has changed to match it. The crates are based on Psijic Order, so I imagine there is going to be a lot of magical themed items.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Scalecaller Crown Crates… Unboxing?!

Since I subscribe to ESO PLus, as part of my subscription I get some Crowns (Elder Scrolls Online’s currency that can be bought with real money). I don’t usually have anything to spend these Crowns on, so I thought it would be interesting to buy four of the Scalecaller Crwon Crates and see what I get in them.

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