Gaming in October 2022.

It is the start of November, which means it is time for me to update you on the gaming I did in October!

As it was October, all the MMOs were hosting their own Hallowe’en events. This meant I spent a bit of time in Tamriel, in The Elder Scrolls Online. I actually managed to earn enough event tickets to be able to acquire the Crimson Indrik mount, which I missed out on when it was available a couple of years ago. Aside from the Hallowe’en event, I’ve been spending some time questing through the Craglorn zone. I will say, it hasn’t been my most favourite of zones to play through, which is probably why it is taking me so long to complete. Hopefully, I will be able to make some further progress in November!

Most of my gaming time in October was spent playing Final Fantasy IX, which I was able to finish at the very end of the month. Although it hasn’t taken the top spot as my favourite Final Fantasy game, I did really enjoy my time playing it. I loved the setting and lore. I also found that I really liked the majority of the party, especially how the characters’ relationships change over the course of the story. I particularly like Zidane and Steiner’s relationship. I will say, I really didn’t like the side activities, especially that damn card game. If anyone can explain how to play Tetra Master in the comments, I would be grateful! Aside from that, Final Fantasy IX was a fantastic JRPG and I can see how it is so beloved amongst Final Fantasy fans.

After finishing Final Fantasy IX, I wanted to play a shorter game, so I started The Order: 1886. It is still early days, but so far I have been enjoying this supernatural Victorian adventure. I will say that the gameplay is pretty much your standard adventure game, but visually, The Order: 1886 is a visually stunning game. I reckon I am about halfway through it, so I suspect I will finish it this month.

Finally, as it is the spooky month, I thought I would play some appropriately themed games. Firstly, I started Costume Quest which is a very cute looking RPG developed by Double Fine Productions, the developers behind Psychonauts. I didn’t get to finish in time for Hallowe’en but I will be spending some time with it in November. The other game, which I played on my Switch, was LIMBO. I’m about halfway through it and so far, it has been an interesting experience. I’m not great at puzzle platformers, so it is probably taking me longer to finish the game than most people but I have been enjoying my time with it. I love the visuals but I hate the spider.

And those were the games I played in October! I didn’t get to spend any time with Xenoblade Chronicles, which I hope to do so this month. I’m also planning to finish at least The Order: 1886 and Costume Quest. I would love to hear what you guys have been playing, so let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “Gaming in October 2022.

    1. Thanks! I have to agree with you. Even now, visually The Order i sgreat but the plot was abit of a mess and the gameplay was pretty standard/ It is a shame becuase it had such potential.


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