Video Games Series I Want To Finish.

Last week, I shared some of the book series I that I have started and would like to continue with and finish, which you can read here. Today, I thought I would do a similar thing, but this time with video games. So,  let’s take a look at the video game series that I have started and would like to continue with.

OK, let’s start with the series that contains my favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy. To date, I have only played six games in this long running JRPG series and of those I have completed only two: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII. I love the fact that each entry is its own story and has its own world. Considering my love for the genre and how influential Final Fantasy is within that genre, I really want to play the other entries in it. Fortunately, this may change soon as I have promised my boyfriend that I will play Final Fantasy IX soon!

Since we are talking about Square Enix’s published video game series, let’s talk about Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts shouldn’t work- it is a crossover between the Disney and Final Fantasy franchise.I played and finished the first two entries in the series but then got lost amongst the spin offs that required you to own so many different consoles in order to play. I did try and play Kingdom Hearts III but I was completely lost on what the story was, so I would love to play through the entire series, thanks to the remasters, and experience the whole story.

Sticking with the RPG genre, this next series wouldn’t be that difficult to catch up with and that is the Dragon Age series. Not long after Dragon Age: Origins was released, I was in a major gaming slump and Origins was the game that reignited my love for gaming, in particular RPGs. Now, I have completed Origins and Dragon Age II, along with all of their DLCs and expansions but I have never completed DragonAge: Inquisition. Admittedly, this is the largest game in the series but I absolutely love the world of Thedas and would like to return to it.

A game that Irevisited recently is the 2013 Tomb Raider game, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Despite enjoying it a lot, I have never played its two sequels- Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I don’t know if I would ever play the older Tomb Raider games but I would love to complete the most recent trilogy.

Sticking with the treasure hunters, I would also love to play through the Uncharted games. With this series, it is the usual story: started the games, loved them, got distracted, put them down and never completed them. I love the whole Indiana Jones vibe and I know the Uncharted series is beloved by a lot of gamers and I do need to give them the attention the deserve.

Another Playstation exclusive series that I want to complete is the inFamous series, a series about people who game superpowers. inFamous: Second Son was the first PS4 game I ever played and a few years ago I played its expansion, First Light. However, I have never played the first two games as they were only available on PS3 only. This has changed, now that I have a PS3, so I hope to experience the earlier games in the inFamous series soon.

The final game series I want to include in this post is Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. I played the first season not long after the fifth episode and absolutely loved it. The second season wasn’t as great but I enjoyed it. Then I completely forgot about it until the decline of Telltale studio. Now, I would love to see how Clementine’s story ends, so maybe this year I will finish the story.

And those were some video game series that I would love to finish, or at least bring up to date. There are plenty more series that I could have included, so if you would like to hear about the other series, let me know. I would also love to hear about the video game series that you want to finish, so let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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