Book Series That I Want To Finish.

I was recently going through the Sword and Laser book list and it occurred to me that there are a lot of book series and trilogies that I have started and never finished. This got me thinking, don’t worry this isn’t another challenge, about those series that I would love to revisit and continue with. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these series!

Let’s start off with a couple of book series that have been added to my to-read list quite recently. The first is the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. The first book in the series, Rivers of London, was the August 2022 book pick for Sword and Laser. The series follows Constable Peter Grant as he discovers that magic is real and becomes apprenticed to Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, as the Metropolitan Police’s resident magic expert. I have attempted to read the Rivers of London series a couple of times in the past and whilst I have enjoyed it, I tend to get distracted and drop the series. However, this August, I want to get up to date with the series, which means I have eight further novels and a few short stories to read through to catch up.

The second book series I want to dive into is Ender’s Saga by Orson Scott Card. Yet again Ender’s Game, the first book in the series, was a Sword and Laser pick; which I recently finished and thoroughly enjoyed. I feel like there is much more to explore in Orson Scoot Card’s sci-fi universe. Like with Rivers of London, I would like to read a couple more books in the series throughout this month.

Let’s stick with the classics, but look at a classic fantasy series- the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. I have made far more progress with the Discworld series than with the other series I have mentioned, as I have read seven of the books.I love the Discworld setting and Terry Pratchett’s humour. I love the way Pratchett pokes fun at the fantasy genre, in particular with overused tropes. Considering that the Discworld series has over forty novels in it, it will probably take me sometime to read my way through it.

Moving away from the large fantasy series, let’s take a look at a couple of trilogies, the first being an urban fantasy trilogy by Fonda Lee called The Green Bone Saga. I read the first book in the trilogy, shortly after it was released and loved it. Unfortunately, the other two books hadn’t been released which meant I completely forgot to continue the trilogy when they were released. The trilogy focuses on the internal conflict on the island of Kekon, in which jade stone gives people enhanced power. The island’s peace is broken, as two clans become embroiled in a conflict. Now that the trilogy has been completed, I would love to pick it up again and see how the saga concluded.

The second trilogy is The Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan. Like with The Green Bone Saga, I read the first book in the trilogy, Promise of Blood, loved it but the other two books hadn’t been released. The trilogy begins with a revolution that sees the monarchy overthrown and the fallout of the revolution. I love the magic system, which uses gunpowder as a way to enhance the individuals that can use it.

So, there were five book series that I would love to read through. There are so many that I have started and haven’t yet finished, so if you would like to hear about some series, let me know in the comments! I would also love to hear about the series you would like to read, so comment down below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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