Humble Choice – August 2022’s Games.

It is the start of August, which means that the next bundle of games from Humble Choice have been announced. So, let’s take a look at what games have been chosen!

The Ascent.

The first game, in the bundle, is The Ascent which also happens to be on my Steam wishlist! The Ascent is a cyberpunk themed action RPG in which the corporations control everything, including your district. One day, The Ascent Group suddenly shuts down, which puts your district in danger. It is now up to you to find out what happened. I love the idea of The Ascent and the fact that it is an action RPG makes it even more appealing to me. The reviews are fairly positive, but some reviews do mention some bugs. I’ll be honest, bugs don’t bother me too much, so I will be trying The Ascent in the future.

Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Moving away from the RPG genre, the next game is an arcade racing game called Hot Wheel Unleashed. Essentially this is a racing game but with the Hot Wheels franchise. You can collect various cars and also create your own race tracks, which as it is Hot Wheels you will be able to get creative with those tracks. Like a lot of racing games, there appears to be a lot of DLC to add further cars/skins to your game. This is mentioned in a few reviews and some even mention a loot box mechanic. I’m not really into racing games, but I am try this out just for the Hot Wheels nostalgia.

A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Next up is a game that I already own, but haven’t played yet, A Plague Tale: Innocence. In this adventure game you follow siblings, Amicia and Hugo as they flee from the Inquisition, through a plague ridden France. I love the premise of A PLague Tale: Innocence and I’ve been meaning to play it for quite some time. Perhaps, I will finally play it in October as it seems well themed for the Hallowe’en month.

Gas Station Simulator.

Bringing us back to the present day is Gas Station Simulator. Gas Station Simulator is pretty much exactly what the title says it is- you buy a dilapidated gas station and must renovate it and turn it into a thriving business. I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for these simulator games, House Flipper hooked me for an entire summer. So, this will definitely be on my to play list.

In Sound Mind.

Jumping genres, In Sound Mind is a psychological horror game in which you must explore memories in your own mind by solving puzzles and defeating bosses. I’m not a huge fan of horror games as I am a bit of a scaredy cat- I love horror books but can’t seem to play horror games. Sill, In Sound Mind, does sound like it has an interesting premise and it does seem to be well received on Steam.

Mind Scanners.

Sticking with the mind theme, the next game is a simulation game called Mind Scanners. In the game, you are a psychiatrist in a dystopian metropolis, who must diagnose and  treat the citizens of this sci-fi city. Apparently your patient list is long and your time and resources are short, so you have to make some choices on who to help. I’m intrigued by the premise but it probably won’t be a game I will get to anytime soon.

Emily is Away <3.

The next is another simulation, Emily Is Away ❤. Apparently I own the previous two games, but I haven’t played them yet. In Emily Is Away ❤, you create a facebook profile and interact with various characters in your senior year. It seems like it is a trip down nostalgia lane, as the facebook picture reminds me of the old social media sites of my teenage years. I think I would have to play the first two games before I give Emily Is Away ❤ a go but maybe when I want to indulge in some nostalgia, I may pick it up.


The final game in this month’s bundle is Omno, an exploration adventure game. In Omno, you explore various environments ranging from tundras to forests by using the power of a lost civilisation. This game looks like it is a very casual and chilled out game, which may be nice to play in between bigger and more story heavy games.

And those were the games for the August Humble Choice! Overall, there were several games that piqued my interest including The Ascentand Gas Station Simulator. Are there any games that you would be interested in playing? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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