Platinum Trophy Hunting: Trophy List Pet Peeves.

A few months ago, I wrote about some of the trophy lists I enjoyed playing through. Today, I thought I would share the sort of trophy requirements that annoy me. Join me as I vent some of my frustrations!

Let’s start with a big one for me- multiplayer trophies in a predominantly single player game such as Tomb Raider. There was a period in the Xbox 360/PS3 era and a bit of the last generation, that developers decided to add on a multiplayer feature to games that were really a single player experience. As I mentioned, Tomb Raider has this, as well as other games like the Uncharted games and The Last of Us Remastered. Often these multiplayer modes are not as fully fleshed out, further increasing my frustration. On top of that the trophy requirements tend to be quite demanding, usually requiring you to invest a lot of time in the multiplayer mode, which for someone who prefers single player games can put me off these trophy lists.

Speaking of online trophies, I really dislike single player games that need to connect to an online server in order to earn a trophy, as these servers tend to be shut down making these game’s platinum trophies unobtainable. A prime example was Mad Max. It has a trophy called ‘Up to the Task’ which requires you to complete all 144 non-repeating challenges, two of which requires connection to the server, that shut down back in 2020, That means even if you completed 142 of the challenges but not those particular two, you cannot get the ‘Up to the Task’ trophy and so no platinum trophy. I did manage to get Mad Max’s platinum trophy but I just don’t like the idea that a platinum trophy for a single player game can be unobtainable because of a server shut down.

Let’s move onto a pet peeve that isn’t tied to online connectivity. The final pet peeve I want to talk about today is multiple playthroughs. Now, if it is a game that I enjoyed then I don’t mind coming back to the game and playing through it a second or third time. However once it gets to having to complete the game four or five times, it starts to get a bit tedious, especially if nothing about the experience changes aside from the difficulty. Again the Uncharted games are guilty of this. I like how the inFamous games handle repeated playthroughs, as the entire trophy list encourages you to try out different karma playthroughs, which does help to keep the experience fresh.

So, there were some of my trophy list pet peeves. I honestly feel a bit better, so thanks for letting me rant! I would love to hear your pet peeves, feel free to use the comments to vent and I’ll talk to you soon!

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