My Runescape Adventure: Part 1. A Lot of Tutorials.

This is the first post in, what is hopefully, my long adventure in Runescape! I have played Runescape many, many years ago, back when the classic version was the current one. My experience didn’t last long, as I ended up, as a newbie, wandering into a PVP zone and was promptly killed. After dying, I logged off and never went back to it. Fast forward nearly two decades and I’ve decided to delve into Runescape once more. Let’s take a look at my first steps in the world of Runescape!

After making my way through Tutorial Island and learning the basics, I found myself in Burthorpe where my desire to collect everything in the mine kept me distracted for a little while. Eventually, I tore myself away from the mine and started the quests that allowed me to explore the combat. Out of the melee and the ranged combat, I am enjoying the melee more.  After slaying plenty of trolls, it was time to learn some magic.

And so the adventure begins…

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the magic. It felt a little clunky to me. If it wasn’t for the NPC helping me, I think the gelatinous abominations would have given me a little more trouble.I think going forward I will be focusing on melee combat and see how far that gets me. Still, it didn’t stop me from crafting my own wizard outfit, before moving on!

Cue the Rocky music.

At this point, I was given the option to move on from Burthorpe but I decided to stay on and complete the other tutorials available to me. I completed the agility training as well as tutorials for praying and shopping. The final tutorial was for dungeoneering which led to me completing my first dungeon in Daemonheim. It wasn’t overly difficult – which was a good thing as I was going solo.

With the tutorials out of the way, it was time for me to journey on to my next destination, Lumbridge. And that is where I am going to leave this post. So, join me next month when I fill you in my adventure in Runescape!

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