Humble Choice – January 2022’s Picks.

It has been quite a while since I’ve written about the Humble Choice games – in fact it has been nearly six months! So, with a new year, I thought it would be a great time to restart this series of posts. OK, let’s take a look at the ten games included in the January Humble Choice.

1. Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Well, we are off to a great start as the first game, Mafia: Definitive Edition, has been sitting on my Steam wishlist. Mafia: Definitive Edition is an open world action game set in 1930’s America. You play as Tommy Angelo, a cab driver who becomes embroiled in the criminal world of the Mafia. Although the third game has it’s issues, the first game is well received. Reviews of Steam suggest that this remake is worth a play, as the city is beautiful and the gameplay has been tweaked. Mafia: Definitive Edition looks like it will be an interesting open world game to explore, with an interesting mob story.

2. Iron Harvest.

Sticking with the historical theme, albeit a real-time strategy game set in an alternate post WWI world, that is also on my Steam wishlist. In Iron Harvest, whilst Europe is recovering from the First World War, new organisations are vying for power. I personally love the steampunk looking units and Steam reviews seem to agree that it is a solid RTS game. It has been quite a while since I’ve dived into a new RTS, so maybe Iron Harvestmaybe the game for me.

3. Project Winter.

The third game for January, Project Winter, reminds me a lot of Among Us. In Project Winter, you and the other players are trying to work together to complete objectives in order to successfully escape. Well, almost all of the players will be working together, as some of them are in fact traitors who will be doing their utmost to stop the survivors. Project Winter does look like it has the potential to be fun, however a lot of Steam reviews mention that the player base isn’t newcomer friendly; so if I do play Project Winter it will probably only be with friends.

4. Rebel Cops.

Next up is a spin-off game to the This is the Police games. Rebel; Cops is a turn-based tactical game in which you control a small group of police officers trying to retake a town that is under the control of a local criminal. Rebel Cops looks like it is a difficult tactical game but one that the Steam community seem to be enjoying. Perhaps I will play Rebel Cops to restore my moral compass after playing Mafia….

5. Rustler.

Speaking of crime, this next game is Rustler, a slightly historically inaccurate love letter to the classic GTA games. In the game, you play as The Guy, a medieval peasant set on causing chaos in the medieval world. It seems like a lot of people had fun with the game but found it quite short and lacking a little bit of content. Still, I may eventually play it inbetween the more serious games that I play.

6. The Henry Stickmin Collection.

The next game for this month reminds me of the browser games I played in my teenage years. The Henry Stickmin Collection is a collection of six animated choose-your-own-adventure games, in which you will probably fail as much as you succeed. Just looking at the trailers on Steam gives me the nostalgic feeling and looking at the Steam reviews, it seems I am not the only one who feels this way. The collection has been well received on Steam and I will probably play these games when I want a bout of nostalgia.

7. Farmer’s Dynasty.

Up next is a farming sim called Farmer’s Dynasty. Looking at the trailers, it looks like a cross between Stardew Valley’s story, in which you inherit a rundown farm and Houseflipper’s gameplay. I’ll be honest I am tempted to give Farmer’s Dynasty a go as it looks like it could be fun for a few hours. However, I should point out that in the Steam reviews, a lot of people mention that the game is quite buggy/glitchy so if you are looking to buy the game perhaps wait for it to be on sale.

8. Between the Stars.

Moving away from Earth, the next game – Between the Stars is taking us into space. In the sci-fi RPG simulator, you are a captain of a spaceship that is tasked with protecting the civilisation known as the Children of the Sun. Between the Stars is in Early Access, but it does seem to show some promise with real time battles, a levelling systems and different ships to play with. I probably won’t be playing this game until it leaves Early Access but I will be keeping an eye on its development as it does look intriguing.

9. Retrowave.

Sticking with Early Access games, the penultimate game for January is Retrowave, a racing game. There’s not really a lot I can say about this game, except that it is giving some serious 80’s vibes with the neon colours. The reviews on Steam are a little mixed with some people enjoying their time with the game whilst others are saying that the game is too simple with too few mechanics. Admittedly the game is in Early Access, so it might be one to try out in the future.

10. Midnight Protocol.

We have reached the final game for the January Humble Choice! The final game is Midnight Protocol, a tactical RPG with some interesting typing mechanics. In the game, you play as a hacktivist that has been doxxed and must now use your hacking skills to find the culprit. Along the way, you will be able to shape the type of hacker by either choosing to solve crimes or use your skills for your own financial gain. Midnight Protocol has an interesting premise and the mechanic of only using your keyboard is intriguing. This will definitely be a game I will try out in the future.

And those were the games for the January Humble Choice! Overall, I have to say this was a great bundle of games. Not only were some of these games on my Steam Wishlist but I do not own a single one of them prior to this Humble Choice. Rebel Cops, Mafia: Definitive Edition and Iron Harvest are definitely the games I am most excited to play. Which games caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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