Platinum Trophy Hunting: A Year and A Half On From My First Platinum Trophy.

It has been almost a year and a half since I earnt my first platinum trophy, so I thought I would take a moment to share my thoughts on trophy hunting with you. I did write a post about why I started trophy hunting, which you can read here, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about my trophy hunting experiences since then.

I guess we should start with the question, do I still enjoy trophy hunting? And the most straightforward answer is, yes. Since my ‘Why I started hunting trophies’ post, I have gone on to earn a further twenty platinum trophies which is a good indicator that my trophy hunting hobby is here to stay. My appreciation of how trophy hunting can help you experience everything a game has to offer certainly hasn’t dwindled. In fact, when I was trying to earn Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White WItch’s platinum trophy, I was able to experience everything in the game, including the side activities like the Solosseum battles, which are parts of the game I probably would have only dabbled in. I’ve also been able to revisit games that I had played but not fully completed, like Tearaway. I’ll be honest, I was really happy to earn ‘Perfectionist’- Tearaway’s platinum trophy. I’m not great at platforming games and some of Tearawys’s trophies that required me to complete certain levels without taking any damage, were a challenge for me. So, to be able to not only challenge myself, but to also succeed, definitely felt good.

Assassin’s Creed II has one of the best trophy lists… even if I didn’t get the best trophy screenshot for the platinum!

There has been something I have learnt, in the past year and half of trophy hunting- when to stop hunting. I have always said that I will only go for the platinum trophies of the games that I’m enjoying and that should I no longer be enjoying earning the trophies for a game, I would stop.This has actually happened quite recently for me, with a PS Vita game called Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. This is a tower defence game with some RPG mechanics, which I really did enjoy. However, the trophy list is a little bit challenging and quite grindy. In order to earn the platinum, you need to complete the game twice and at least once with only the minimal number of heroes. You also need to complete each level perfectly, which means you can’t take any damage and you need to complete the bonus levels as well. I managed to earn over half of the trophies but I realised that I was no longer having any fun with the game- what had started out as a fun and unique tower defence game was now feeling like a frustrating chore. So, I decided to move onto another game and leave Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, before my experience with it was truly soured.

Now that I’ve earnt a few platinum trophies, I’m starting to see the types of trophy lists that I enjoy completing. Firstly, anything story related will always appeal to me, as I love my story heavy games. I’ve also realised that I do enjoy collecting collectibles, especially if they add to a game’s story or worldbuilding. As such, I don’t mind trophy lists that require me to collect every collectible, although I do prefer it if it is a reasonable number of collectibles and not several hundred of them. The other type of trophy that I really like to see on a trophy list are trophies that encourage the player to explore a game’s world. Some developers put a lot of effort and creativity into the world of their games and it is also great to see a trophy that will encourage the player to step off of the beaten path and take a look at the hidden areas of the game’s world.Finally, the one type of trophy that does put me off completing a trophy list are the multiplayer trophies. Even now, I’m not a fan of having to grind my way through multiplayer content to earn a trophy and if you take a look at my platinum trophies, you’ll see they are all for single player games.

The Wold Among Us has some of the best collectibles- they add to the world and you can always replay a chapter to pcik up those you missed.

I guess I should finish off with my plans for trophy hunting for the rest of 2021. I’ll be honest, as we are entering the busiest time of the year, I don’t want to be too ambitious. I would like to revisit a game that I had already started but not finished, possibly The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Spyro: Reignited Trilogy as I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgie for both of these titles. Well, whatever games I do manage to play, in these last couple of months of the year, I would like to earn at least one or two more platinum trophies.

That’s really all I’ve got for this trophy hunting discussion. I would love to hear about your trophy hunting efforts or your plans for November and December. So, let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Platinum Trophy Hunting: A Year and A Half On From My First Platinum Trophy.

  1. I have to agree, I feel like often when I get into going after a platinum, the pursuit of trophies ends up being more for its own sake and less for fun. Which is a good time to stop. But hard to let myself stop. I have a hard time letting go of that goal which I could still do, but not for fun. Stepping away is not one of my skills. But it’s an important one. These things are really here to be fun, in the first place.

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    1. You sum it up perfectly. It took me about a month to actually let go of Defender’s Quest, as I kept thinking that I’m almost there and I just need to get a couple more trophies. But when I realised I was ruining my time with the game, that was when I decided to stop. I’m getting better atletting go of pursuit for platinum trophies but I can be stubborn sometimes!

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