First Impressions – Demon Slayer.

Its been a while since I did a first impressions on an anime series but after watching the first four episodes of Demon Slayer thought now would be a good time to share my first impressions on this anime series!

Demon Slayer was recommended to me, by a work colleague, after I had mentioned that I enjoyed Attack on Titanand was traumatised by that episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I can definitely see why my colleague would recommend Demon Slayer to me, as I definitely get the Attack on Titan/Fullmetal Alchemist vibe with a little bit of Bleach thrown in as well.

The series follows Tanjiro, a young man, whose world falls apart when most of his family are killed by a demon. The sole surviving member of his family, his sister Nezuko, appears to have been turned into a demon. After a breif encounter with a demon slayer, Tanjiro is advised to seek a man called Sakonji and to train with him, if Tanjiro hopes to find a way to save his sister. As some anime fans can see, this series does seemed to be inspired by the series that I mentioned before and yet, it also manages to find its own tone and does not feel like it is copying the other anime series.

Image source: Netflix.

The one thing that currently stands out to me about Demon Slayer is its pacing. Whilst each episode is very action orientated, the timeline for the series is actually very long. In the first four episodes that I have watched, two years have passed. Admittedly, most of this time takes place during Tanjiro’s training with Sakonji and there is a bit of a time skip’ however I like the fact that in Demon Slayer a characters doesn’t just train for three days and becomes a master swordsman. It just helps gives this fantasy world a slightly more grounded feel to it. I also like the fact that Tanjiro is not this overpowered prophesised hero… yet. Don’t get me wrong, I suspect he will become this but I like that the series shows him fail at a task or find his training difficult. It will make the experience more rewarding when he does become a master demon slayer.

As you can see, my first impressions of Demon Slayer are really positive. It is set in an interesting world with lore that seems to quite unique. I also like the tone of the series wihich is dark but does know when to add some lighter moments to the episodes. I will definitely continue to watch Demon Slayer in the future.

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