Thero’s Gaming A-Z: L.

We’re almost at the halfway point with my Gaming A-Z! Today, I’m talking about a game beginning with the letter L, let’s take a look!

This was actually another tough one to pick a game for. Aside from some Lego games, there aren’t that many games that beging with L that I’ve played and finished, like The Last of Us which I have started but not finished. Firtuantely, there is one game that I have recently finished that I can talk about- Life is Strange.

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game, developed by DONTNOD entertainment, that tells the story of Max- a young photographystudent who discovers she has the ability to rewind time. This discovery puts Max on a path of reconnecting with past friends and changing the fate of Arcadia Bay. The time manipulation mechanic is the focus of the game and is needed pretty much to move the plot and complete each epsiode. However it has been very well thought out and is one of the best uses of time manipulation that I’ve seen in a video game.

As a result of the rewind mechanic, you can actually experience the different outcomes of each conversation, then rewind and pick the one you prefer. I actually really liked this, as in some games the dialogues option is slightly different to what the character says when you pick that option. However, whatever dialogue options you do choose, they will have an impact on the game as a whole. These changes are subtle but I appreciated that if I was polite to a partticular chracter, they would later on listen to what I have to say, particularly when I needed them to agree with me. I also enjoyed being on the lookout for the photo opportunities. These are the collectibles for Life is Strange but some require you to fully explore and interact with the environment, in order to acquire the photo.

Overall, Life is Strange is a fantastic adventure game that shows that heroes come in all forms and sometimes your fate is harder to resist. So, that was my pick for L, but what game beginning with L would you choose? Let me know in the comments below and join me next week for another Gaming A-Z post!

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