My Game Collection: VGCollect.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about a website, PSNProfiles, that helped me in my Playstation trophy hunting quest. Today, I thought I would share another website I use but this time, it is one I use for my video game collecting. So, join me as I talk about

When I started to seriously dive into the world of video game collecting, I realised I had a bit of a problem- trying to keep track of the games I owned. I knew this wouldn’t be an issue initially but once I had acquired a few games for different consoles, then it would be a problem that may lead to me getting duplicate copies of a game. So, early on I set about trying to find an easy way to list the games I owned. For a little while, I simply used a spreadsheet and whilst this certainly served the purpose of keeping track of my games, I felt something was missing.

Then, last year, I happened to stumble upon a site that just so happened to fit my needs, VGCollect describes itself as a database and collection management site, which really explains it perfectly. You can add the games you own and all of your games are collated on your profile. They are categorised by gaming platform, which makes it easy for you to search your collection. Its also not only games but strategy guides and other gaming items that you can add as well. To me, VGCollect is truly a site dedicated to listing your entire gaming collection.

The other thing Iike about VGCollect is that it covers pretty much every platform and also every region’s edition of a game. As someone who primarily collects PAL and Region 2 games, it is nice to be able to accurately list the games I have collected. On other sites and apps I have tried, often PAL and Region 2 are not included, meaning I would either have to settle for an inaccurate reflection of my collection or miss out games- defeating the point of having a database. However, in the case of VGCollect, this isn’t an issue as its database is incredibly extensive but if you do find a game is missing, any site user can add it to the database.

Yes, my Assassin’s Creed games cannot fit on one screen…

Finally, VGCollect has a fairly active forum. You can pretty much find any topic ranging from backlogs to advice on retro game collecting. Overall, I have to say that the forums are some of least toxic I’ve found on the Internet, as its seems most people on the site want to share their love of game collecting with other people.

So, that was a quick look at one of the sites I use for my video game collecting. If you want to check out my profile, click here. There are a number of other sites that I also use, so let me know if you want to me talk about them and also, please share the sites you recommend in the comments, as I am always on the look out for new ways to engage with the video game collecting community . Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!

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