Thero’s Gaming A-Z: J.

I’m not sure how but this series of posts keeps getting harder to write each week! According to the game collection site I use, I only own seven games whose title begins with the letter ‘J’/ OK, not to worry, I’m sure I have options in my Steam library… oh, I only have ten games on Steam beginning with ‘J’. Seriously?! Out of over a thousand games in my Steam library only ten of them have a title beginning with the letter ‘J’?!

So, I guess I have to come clean hear and say that for these I’ve either haven’t really played them enough to write about them or I have played them and don’t feel like I could recommend them. So, that leaves this post in a slight bit of limbo. So, I guess I am going to pass this over to you guys and ask, what game, whose title begins with the letter ‘J’ do you recommend I should play? Let me know in the comments and join me next week, when I will have a game to talk about- don’t worry, I’ve already checked!

6 thoughts on “Thero’s Gaming A-Z: J.

  1. Have you tried the Just Cause games? I entered the series with JC2 and spent the most time with JC3. JC4 at launch… well… It wasn’t very good. I have heard there have been some significant patches since then, but I haven’t remained close enough to be able to say whether it’s worth a check-in now or not.

    Just Cause 3 though (or even 2!) could give a pretty hearty recommendation for, if you’re in the mood for some absolutely ridiculous, not-even-in-Michael-Bay’s-dreams type chaos and action at some point. 🙂

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      1. Yeah, Just Cause 2 would have been my personal choice for a J. Other good options there are Jade Empire, Jet Set Radio, and the Journey Down.

        Also a thousand games on your Steam List! I have around 450 or so, and that’s overwhelming to me already. I’m glad you’re at peace with your backlog, and I need to get some of that.

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      2. I’ll definitely be adding those three games to my list! As for my Steam library, the majority of item it came from Humble Bundle monthly/Choice. Apparently adding 12 games every month, plus looking at Steam sales can really expand your backlog…

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