30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 30. Most Nostalgic Element Of Pokemon.

We’ve reached the final post of the Pokemon challenge! It has taken a little while to get here but we’ve made it and what better way to finish this series of posts, than to take a look at the nostalgia surrounding the Pokemon franchise?

I remember when Pokemon became an absolute phenomenon- when Pokemon cards were banned contraband in school playgrounds and the first season of the anime was first aired on TV. Yes, that does make me feel a little old. I guess for me, that really plays a major part in the nostalgia as it is a throwback to my childhood; a time when thinsg were far more simpler and the only thing I had to worry about was how I was going to beat the Elite Four.

I think that the basic concept of Pokemon really does play on the nostalgia. It represents a freedom that we do not have as adults. The series protangonists are young individuals who have no responsibilities and can just take off on a journey around the world, which, as adult,s not many of us can do.

Image source: Twinfinite.

Ultimately, Pokemon represents childhood really well and will no doubt have a special place in many peoples’ hearts. But what do you think? What is the most nostalgic element of Pokemon for you? Let me know in the comments. Well, we’ve reached the end of the Pokemon challenge and I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read these posts. I want to give a special shout to Brink, who has taken the time to comment on pretty much all of these Pokemon posts. If you have a spare moment, please check out his gaming blog, The Brink of Gaming, where he has also been celebrating Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary. Once again, thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!

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