Thero’s Gaming A-Z: I.

OK, so I thought last week’s post was hard to write but it turns out that this week’s was even harder! So, let’s take a look at the game I picked that begins with the letter ‘I’.

So, I was looking through my library of games and I realsied I don’t have a lot of games that begin with the letter ‘I’ and even fewer that I’ve fully completed and would recommend. Fortunately, there is one that I would recommend any PS4 owner plays, inFamous Second Son.

In inFamous Second Son, you take on the role of Delsin, a rebellious young man who discovers he is a Conduit (think X-Men). Unfortunately, in the world of inFamous, people with super powers don’t get to join an Avengers style of superhero team but rather are hunted down by a government organisation.

So, as you explore Seattle and master Delsin’s powers, you have to decide whether you will use your powers for good and help those that hate you or for you own gain, at the detriment of the innocent. The fact that your choices will change, not only your appearnce, but also how your powers work. If you have a lot of good karma, you powers are more about movement, shielding and healing; whilst bad karma powers are much more destructive and aggressive. I love game where choices have an impact. It doesn’t have to be a world changing thing, but seeing your character change becuase of your choices is very satisfying to me.

Finally, Seattle is a great location for a superpowered human to explore. Its not overly large, so much so that it feels like its a huge empty world but neither is it too small, that you can’t use your powers to traverse the city. Also, I appreciate that the game doesn’t overload the city wioth side activities or collectibles. There are enough to give you something to do, aside form the main quest, but not to many to overwhelm you or distract you from te main story.

Overall, inFamous Second Son is a solid action game that every PS4 owner should play at least once. Its not an overly long game but its just a fun game to play. So, what game beginning with ‘I’ do you like? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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