Gotta Play ‘Em All!

This is going to be a brief post just to let you know about a new series of posts that I will be writing about. As the 30 day Pokemon challenge is, finally, drawing to a close, I was thinking about how to continue celebrate Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary. I wanted to do something a little different that is not only a nod to the Pokemon series and also focusses on video games and gaming.

Don’t worry, I’m not embarking on a crazy play all the Pokemon games by the end of the year challenge. I learnt my lesson. No, instead I wanted to take a look at other monster catching/battling games and see if any of them manage to capture the Pokemon magic or how they manage to make their own mark on the genre. This isn’t about seeing who is the best built rather the effect that Pokemon had in gaming and how it has since influenced other video games.

As I will be playing each game to completion, this won’t be a weekly or even a monthly post but rather a post that will be written as and when I complete a relevant game. That being said, I’m not going to be restricting this series of posts to this this year only, as I don’t want to rush through these games.

So, when will the first Gotta Play ‘Em All posts be posted? Well, you won’t have long to wait, as it will be next Monday. So, I hope you will enjoy this new series of posts and please let me know if you have any recommendations for games I should I play for it. See you guys soon!

4 thoughts on “Gotta Play ‘Em All!

  1. I’ve been playing Monster Sanctuary using Xbox gamepass and like the combination of turn-based monster battling with a metroidvania platformer. Also the skill trees to upgrade the monsters and tailor them to specific team roles.

    On switch I’ve played Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth which has a different evolve mechanism to Pokémon that I enjoy.

    I tried Yo-Kai Watch on 3DS, that has a different battle style in that you have to complete little mini-games to attack the opponent.

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    1. All three of those are great suggestions. Digimon Story has been sitting on my ‘to-play’list for a littl ewhile, so this might be a good time to play it.
      I played a bit of Monster Sancutuary when it first launched in Early Access, but I should probably revisit it now that it has been fully lauched.
      I played Yo-Kai Watch a few years ago but I never reached the end, perhaps its time for me to give it another go…


  2. That’ll be an interesting take on the pokemon celebration posts. And there’s a lot of them out there. Various Digimon games, Dragon Quest Monsters, Shin Megami Tensei, and plenty, plenty more taking up the mons formula. It’ll give you plenty to choose from. Looking forward to it!

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