30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 26. A Pokemon That Is My Favourite Colour.

We’re into the final week of Pokemon challenge posts! Today, I’m talking about Pokemon who are primarily my fvaourite colour, which is blue, so let’s take a look at some of them.

I have always loved the colour blue, I’m not sure why, I guess I find it a calming colour. Well, whatever the reason, I love the colour and alot of things I own tend to be a shade of blue, which makes it strange that my favourite Pokemon is a shade of brown…

So, what about the blue coloured Pokemon? Well, unsurprisingly most blue Pokemon tend to be water-types, which does make sense. Naturally, the first Pokemon I want to highlight is Eevee’s water-type evolution, Vaporeon.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

I’ll admit that Vaporeon is not my favourite Eeveelution, that is Flareon but as a water-type I think it is well designed. You can easily see that it is a water-type Pokemon and I like the use of the two shades of blue to highlight Vaporeon’s features.

There are also a number of blue coloured legendaries that have popped up over the years, including Suicune. Naturally, these legendaries are linked to water or are able to use water type moves. Suicune, in particular, is associated with rain and is able to purify water. Even its appearance, with tails that look like waves, remind me a lot of water.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

However, not all blue coloured Pokemon are water types, one of my favoutie blue Pokemon is an electric type, Shinx! This adorable Pokemon was introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games and is an occassional member of my party when I play the games it features in. There is something really innocent about Shinx that I like and its blue, black and yellow colour scheme just helps it to stand out.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

So, there were a few blue coloured Pokemon! What is your favourite colour and are there any Pokemon you like, that feature that colour? Let me know in the comments below and join me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about my favourite Pokemongame. See you then!

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