30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 24. A Pokemon You’d Find Useful In Real Life.

Over the course of this series of Pokemon themed posts, I have spent a bit of time talking about my place in the Pokemon world. Well, today I’m shaking things up by instead bringing a Pokemon into the really world!

For this post, I had to think of a Pokemon that would be useful to me in real life and there were quite a few contenders but the Pokemon that I owuld find most useful would be Alakazam.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

My job is based in customer services, which if anyone has worked in knows that customers think we are psychic, so an actual psychic Pokemon would be really handy! Also, according to the various Pokedex entries, Alakazam is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what is going on, which would be very useful when resolving a customer complaint. The fact that Alakazam seems to also know everything that is to happen, might mean that it will share the winning lottery numbers with me!

Alakazam may not be the cutest or friendliest Pokemon but I think it would be a handy Pokemon to have around. What Pokemon do you think would be useful in your life? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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