30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 23. A Pokemon Which Reminds You Of A Friend.

OK, today’s topic was a bit of a tough to talk about, as I don’t often think about my friends and what Pokemon reminds meof them. But after much thought, there is one POkemon that makes me immediately think of someone that I know.

I have a work colleague, who I have known for almost ten years, that I became friends with through our mutaul interest in video games. Now, this guy is not the most… energetic of people. Sure, he works hard and will meet a deadline but don’t expect him to be early to a meeting or get his task done ahead of a deadline. And when you ask him how he is, he always respnds with just one word, ‘Tired’/

So, for me, this guy reminds me a lot of Slakoth, the sloth-like Pokemon. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is lovely and hasn’t got a mean bone in his body; however when it comes to energy and being active, this guy is on the same level as a slakoth.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

So, that was a Pokemon that reminded me of a friend and now IU pass the question over to you guys. Let me know in the comments if there is a Pokemon that reminds you of someone you know. Join me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about a Pokemon that would be useful in real life. See you then!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 23. A Pokemon Which Reminds You Of A Friend.

  1. My best friend’s favorite Pokemon is Dragonite, and another friend’s fav is Gengar. Those two Pokemon will always remind me of them just because they love those creatures so much!

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