30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 22. Favourite Rival.

The rivals are a major element of any of the Pokemon games. Over the course of your journey they constantly show up to test you and your party. So, today I am going to talk about my favourite rival.

For my favourite rival, we have to go back to Pokemon Gold and Silver, as it is the second generation rival, Silver, that is my favourite.

Image source: Bulbapedia.

I personally love world building, love and character development. For me, Silver is a rival that has a rather interesting arc- he starts out by stealing a starter Pokemon from Professor Elm. Intially, he is quite cruel to his POkemon and his opinion of you is quite low. However, after being defeated by Lance, my favourite champion, and receinving a lecture from him, Silver starts to look at his relationship with Pokemon and actually begins to change. By the time you reach the Elite Four, Silve, whilst still serious and reserved, actually cares about his Pokemon and begins to bond with them.

I guess the reason why I like Silver is that he is very different to other rivals in the Pokemon games. Almost all of the other rivals are friendly and supportive of you from the start, whilst Silver is rather antagonist towards you. I also like the fact that Silver actually experiences some serious character developent; yes other rivals do grow as trainers and gain confidence but none of them change in the same way that Silver does. So, for being so unique amongst the rivals, Silver is my favourite rival.

So, who is your favourite rival? Let me kno win the comments below and join me tomorrow when I’ll be talking about a Pokemon that reminds me of a friend. See you then!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 22. Favourite Rival.

  1. Agreed. After the jerk but not really all that bad guy in blue, it was really nice having someone easily hateable to be rivals with. And that he grew and developed over the course of the game was even better.

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