My Game Collection: Pokemon Spin-Off Games

Since this year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the Pokemon games in my collection. However, thought simply looking at the main games in the series would be a little dull; so instead, I’m going to show you guys the spin-off Pokemon titles that I own. Let’s take a look!

Let’s start this post off with the spin-off series that have the most games for- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series are series of games set in the Pokemon universe that use the randomly generated dungeons gameplay of the Mystery Dungeon series. In each of the games, you play as human who finds themselves turned into a Pokemon and so you embark on a quest to restore yourself to your human form whilst helping the Pokemon you befriend along the way. Whilst the plots of each game tend to be quite similar, I actually enjoy the randomly generated dungeons, which offer a level of replayability, as well as the change to combat. I don’t own all of the entries in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series but I do aim to, one day, complete the series.

Speaking of spin-off series, the next set of games al lbelong to the Pokemon Ranger series. In this series, you are not a Pokemon trainer but instead a Pokemon Ranger. What’s the difference? Well, a Ranger still ctahces Pokemon but use them not to earn gym badges but instead to complete Ranger missions, such as: stopping criminals, calming wild Pokemon and helping other people. One element of these games that makes this series stand out, amongst the Pokemon games, is its Pokemon catching gameplay. Instead of using Pokeballs, Rangers have a Capture Styler, which uses your DS stylus to draw circles around the Pokemon you are trying to capture. I love the way the Pokemon Ranger series takes a look at a different aspect of Pokemon taming than the main Pokemon series, its just a shame we haven’t had a new release to the series for a while.

Monving on, we have my favourite of the spin-off titles, Pokemon Conquest. Pokemon Conquest is a DS game that serves as crossover between the Pokemon series and Nobunaga’s Ambition, a turn based startegy RPG. In Pokemon Conquest, you take on the role of a Warlord, who uses their Pokemon to unite the seventeen kingdoms of Ransei. Any game that copmbines the gameplay of games like Final Fantasy Tactics with the setting of the Pokemon series was always going to win me over. Unfortunately, whilst Pokemon Conquest was well received, it never became its own series, which is a shame. Since Game Freak seems to be bringing some Pokemon spin off titles to the Nintendo Switch, we may see Pokemon Conquest make a return…

Here, we have my most unusual Pokemon spin-off game, Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure. This game is pretty much what you would imagine it to be- a typing game in which you complete the game by successfully typing the Pokemon names that appear on your DS screen, by using the keyboard provided. I’ll be honest, I wanted this game because it was so unusual. It was an OK game but I think it mainly appeals to Pokemon fans and a younger audience. Still, it came with a pretty nice wireless keyboard!

Now, we’ve reached the final Pokemon spin-off game that I own, as well as the first spin-off game that I own, Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Nintendo Game Boy. This game is based off of the physical card game of the same name. In the game, you must beat the Club Masters with your deck and then defeat the four Grand Masters, each of whom has a deck that focussed on a particular Pokemon type… Ok, its basically the main Pokemon games’ gameplay but using cards instead of Pokemon. I remember having an absolute blast playing Pokemon Trading Card Game, mainly because I was really into the physical card game, at the time. Still, it was a nice variation on the Pokemon games, that unfortunately has not seen a sequel, outside of Japan.

And those were the Pokemon spin-off games in my video game collection! There are still plenty of spin-off titles that I do not own, that I hope to add in the future, including Detective Pikachu. Have you played any of these games and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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