30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 4. Favourite Eeveelution.

Today is going to be a fun post to write, as we’re back talking about something to do with my favourite Pokemon, Eevee!

Eevee is a rather unique Pokemon, in the series, as it has the most unique ways to evolve amongst the different Pokemon. To date, Eevee has eight different forms that it can evolve into, with each being a different type to the others. How Eevee evolves dictates which form Eevee will evolve into. For example, with Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon, Eevee must come into contact with the relevant evolution stone: Water Stone for Vaporeon, Thunder Stone for Jolteon and unsurprisingly, the Fire Stone for Flareon. The other forms have slightly different ways of acheiving evolution, for Umbreon, the Eevee must have a good relationship with its trainer whilst gaining a level at nighttime and Espeon is the direct opposite- the Eevee must have a good relationship with its trainer whilst gaining a level at daytime. The remaining three forms: Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon sort of combine the evolving methods of the previous Eeveelutions. For Leafeon and Galceon, they must level up near a mossy rock or icy rock or come into contact with a Grass Stone or Ice Stone. As for Sylveon, the Eevee has to level up with a fairy type move and have a certain level of affection. As I explained in my post about my favourite Pokemon, part of the reason why I love Eevee is because of it many varied evolved forms and the different ways you go about evolving Evee. But which Eeveelution is my favourite?

Image source: criticalhit.net.

Well, this was actually a tough question, as there isn’t an Eeeveelution that I dislike. However, if I was to pick one to be my faourite, then it would have to be Flareon. Flareon, is the evolved fire form of Eevee and is almost as adorable. But don’t be fooled by its looks, as this fire Pokemon has the potential to pack quite a punch. One of my friends gave me a Flareon on my Alpha Sapphire, which was exceptioonally strong in its attack stat. This meant it powered through most oppentents, with exception of some higher levelled water Pokemon. However, like I said befroe, if I’m honest I just love all the Eeveelutions!

So, which Eeveelution is your favourite? Let me know in the comments and join me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about my favourite legendary Pokemon. See you then!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 4. Favourite Eeveelution.

  1. Vaporeon is my bag. A while back, was playing Pokemon Stadium, and after facing off with the elite four, had fought Gary down to where we were both at our last Pokemon, and both were at less than half life. He launched a hyper beam, and I assumed that would be it, and I’d have to start over, but my Vaporeon just tanked it and hung in there, and took down his Pokemon in return. Totally save the day. So yeah, I’ve been on team Vaporeon ever since.

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